The Best President Obama Quotes On His 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Appearance That Show He's A Total Boss

You might not agree with his politics, you may not always like the color of his suit, but if American audiences can unite on anything, it should be that President Obama is a very funny man. If his unparalleled performance with Zach Galifianakis wasn't enough to convince you of his comedic chops, then Obama's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday evening should be proof enough that the president may have a future in stand-up after he leaves the White House. Obama's highly anticipated second appearance on the late night show did not disappoint, and the president had a number of excellent one-liners that even gave the host a run for his money. Here are just a few of Obama's best quotes, mostly funny, but some profound, from Thursday's appearance.

On one mean tweeter's idea to strand Obama on a desert island

On the mean tweets in general

On the awkward height difference between Kimmel and Obama's seating arrangement

On whether or not he tweets and generally wastes time on social media

On whether he has Hillary Clinton's email address

On racism and Ferguson

On Jimmy Kimmel's chances of becoming president pre-UFO rant

On Jimmy Kimmel's chances of becoming president post-UFO rant

"That's why you will not be president."

On etiquette

On his "dubious" citizenship

On low voter turnout

On being a boss

Never go away, Mr. President. Or at the very least, take over for one of these hosts when they do.