What Is 'Frozen 2' Actually About?

It has finally happened. Finally. Disney has confirmed that they're working on a sequel to Frozen , like we've been begging them to do for almost two years now. I mean, don't get me wrong. The upcoming short, Frozen Fever, is all well and good, but I need more from Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf than a simple short can provide me with. Frozen is one of the most popular Disney movies in recent history and, over a year later, remains a cultural phenomenon. Just because there are less "Let It Go" covers in the world now than there were this time last year doesn't make the film any less relevant to our lives. (Especially during those long winters when you want to blame the weather on Queen Elsa of Arendelle.)

However, the real question on everyone's minds at this point is what, exactly, Frozen 2 is going to be about? We saw the first movie, and the premiere of Cinderella will bring with it the short regarding Elsa trying to plan the perfect birthday for Anna — but what does that leave for the sequel? Honestly, Disney has a ton of directions in which they could take this story next.

Still, I don't mind suggesting a few.

1. Elsa

While it could be argued that, technically, the entire first movie was about Elsa, the fact of the matter is that Anna was actually the main character. It was her journey we followed for most of the film as Elsa closed herself away in various locations. Frozen 2 might give Elsa center stage — maybe it is she who has to go on a journey to rescue Anna, from outside forces or from herself?

2. Anna

If there's one thing to be said about Anna, it's that she's spirited. If there's an adventure to be had, Anna will be running headlong into it no matter how underprepared or under-qualified she might be to do it. A heroine like that is perfect to continue to take the lead in the Frozen films, kicking off the sequel by trying to take care of a threat to Arendelle so that Elsa doesn't have to worry about it — and getting in tons of trouble along the way.

3. Olaf

Let's be real. Olaf was the breakout character of Frozen. Isn't it time he got a family? Other friends? A life of his own outside the palace? Now that he knows what frozen things do in the summer, isn't he lonely? Maybe Frozen 2 should focus around Elsa tracking down all the snow creatures she made (poor Marshmallow!) and trying to find them a home in the kingdom, whether it's summer or not.

4. The Snow Queen

Frozen might have been based on "The Snow Queen," but not very many of the fairy tale's plot points made it into the final version. Frozen 2 could pull a Once Upon A Time and force Elsa to contend with the real Snow Queen, someone who shares her powers and is much more powerful than she is. It would be especially poignant if the Snow Queen freezes Arendelle again — since everyone would assume Elsa was doing it.

5. Their Parents

Anna and Elsa's parents are the source of a lot of mystery to me. How did the King know of the Rock Trolls? Did the Queen have any siblings? Where exactly did Elsa's ice magic come from anyway, and why did they not seem concerned about it until she hurt Anna with them? A sequel delving into the backstory of the royal family would be epic, and answer a lot of lingering questions from the first Frozen .

6. A Wedding

Surely by the time of Frozen 2, it should be about time for Anna and Kristoff to get married? They were just dating at the end of Frozen (as is the preferred option when you just met the guy a day ago), but Frozen 2 could begin after a time skip where they have been together for long enough that it's time for a royal engagement. I'm pretty sure that Elsa would take this engagement a lot better than the last one.

7. Letting Go

Elsa might have sang a whole song about it, but so many things happened during Frozen that aren't so easy to let go of. After all, do all of the Arendelle citizens trust that Elsa has control over her powers now or are they still secretly sacred? Is Anna really over all of those years she had to live in isolation without her sister? Has Elsa really forgiven herself for that? (If Frozen Fever is any indication, the answer to the latter is no.) Frozen 2 could be an emotional journey for all the characters to learn to let it go.

8. Travel

As we learned from the Duke of Weselton and Hans of the Southern Isles, there are a lot more kingdoms in the universe of Frozen than just Arendelle. Perhaps, as queen, Elsa has to make diplomatic journeys to one of these countries — and runs into trouble on her way there. What if her diplomatic journey was just a ruse to get her away from Arendelle for a while? What if the Southern Isles or Weselton try to take their revenge? Which would take us into...

9. War

I mean, Mulan was all about this life, so clearly kids aren't too young for a good war movie. Arendelle put itself at odds with Weselton in Frozen, and Frozen 2 could see the country trying to strike back. After all, before Hans' big reveal, we all thought the Duke of Weselton was the villain of this piece. Perhaps in Frozen 2, he genuinely is the villain. No matter what plot Disney comes up with, I'm just glad they're finally giving the people what they want: more Frozen!

Image: Disney; animated-disney-gifs/Tumblr (9)