12 Important Women's Rights History Moments That You Didn't Know About

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The struggle for women's equality in America seems so simple on paper. We fought for and eventually won the rights to inherit money and land, vote, own property, receive equal pay, and generally be treated as equal citizens to men, right? But the story of women's rights in America hasn't been a smooth one — it's been a rocky road, with great triumphs, huge setbacks, and amazing moments that the history books leave out.

Today, in honor of Women's History Month, learn about some of the most important moments in American women's history — the ones that you didn't hear about in school. We've all read about the feminist accomplishments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, but what about Margaret Brent? Or Frances Perkins? Or Victoria Woodhull? Or the other unsung women who helped us down the road to equal rights? Their achievements deserve our attention, too.

Here are 12 crucial moments in the history of American women's rights that you probably didn't know about — but definitely should.

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