MTV's 'Generation Cryo' Looks Promising

Seventeen-year-old Breeanna has 15 half siblings that she just found out about, and they're all on the hunt to find their biological father. If it sounds too crazy to be true, that's because often times the truth is far more interesting than the fiction. Nowhere has this more recently been evidenced than in MTV's newest docu-series, Generation Cryo . And, let's be real: this show actually looks pretty interesting.

Watching the trailer (below, because we love to keep you waiting), it's fairly evident that the more outrageous and easily-sensationalized questions are eschewed for a look into the emotional and familial effects such a search has on the children and the families who wanted them. "This guy, he ain't family," a parent asserts to one of the donor children while another muses on the necessity of such knowledge at all, musing "I have my own dad. Why do I need to even think about this guy?"

The idea isn't anything new but in the past 10 years, children conceived through anonymous sperm donation has become far more commonplace. But with that also comes new and unexplored questions, consequences, and conundrums that we can't even begin to fathom.

Just from seeing the clip, we're already ravaged by a billion other questions — some of them simple, all of them awkward. Like the fear of not knowing who your biological half-siblings are: could anything make the already-stressful act of dating an even more odd exercise in anxiety? What if you hate your biological father? What if you love him? What if he hates or loves you? Do they get sick and tired of references to the film The Kids Are Alright? How do the parents feel in all of this?

And what about all the other 8,000 hypothetical ramifications of living in a world where you could potentially have a very, very wide pool of genetic siblings you don't know about? We have so many questions, none of them easy.

Generation Cryo premieres Monday, November 25 at 10 p.m. The six, hour-long episodes that make up the series will explore Breeanna's journey to connect with her newly discovered siblings as they attempt to uncover the identity of their donor father, and undoubtedly raise some seriously interesting questions.