Snoop Lion Has Changed His Name Again & It's Kind of Amazing

If you were still having trouble referring to Snoop Dogg as Snoop Lion, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news: He's not Snoop Lion anymore! The bad news: He's not back to Snoop Dogg either. Instead, Snoop Dogg would now like to be referred to as Snoopzilla, just in time to announce his new album with Dam-Funk, titled "7 Days of Funk."

Putting aside the news of a new album for a moment though — Snoopzilla? This is kind of amazing. You can tell at this point that Snoop literally gives absolutely no shits about anything, because he's rich, has built a career on the fact that he can get away with smoking copious, ridiculous amounts of weed, and he made millions off a song where he literally just says "drop it like it's hot" a bunch of times over and over. If he wants to be named after a gigantic dinosaur, then so be it.

Anyway, on to the project: "7 Days of Funk" is a collaboration project with Dâm-Funk, and should be released some time in December. According to Snoopzilla, "We’re the babies of the Mothership. I’ve had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dâm-Funk is cold. He’s keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him." Fair enough, Snoopzilla.

You can check out their first single together, "Faden Away," below.

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