Jessie James Decker's Swim Line Just Got Better

by Augusta Statz

I know I can’t stop talking about her, but that’s because Jessie James Decker seems to look good no matter what she does. She can go from being super glam to puling off jeans and a t-shirt like that! Style goals! And I can’t forget the key ingredient to her signature style — a bandana. She pulls if off so well. You may not be able to rock it quite like JJD, but it’s such a summertime essential that you just might need to try this essential out ASAP. Summer will be here before you know it (at least that’s what I keep telling myself) and if you haven't already stocked up on some JJD gear from her bathing suit line with Amore & Sorvete, you definitely will now. Because guess what? Jessie James Decker has added her signature bandanas to the mix.

Not one, but two different options are now waiting for you on Amore & Sorvete’s website. Get one to match your floral or gingham bikini, both of which also have a matching suit and bandana option for infants. How freakin' adorable is that? Now you can match your hair accessory to your bathing suit. This is the perfect way to hold your hair back as you play with your little one or lay out on the beach. Functional and stylish. What a pair!

What I love about this swimwear collab is how much of Decker’s personal style can be seen in the line. Her swimsuits were already feminine and fun, and the bandanas just add a whole new level of cute. I can’t get enough! Check out the two styles below:

Floral Option, Amore & Sorvete

Gingham Option, Amore & Sorvete

Better start practicing those bandana-tying skills! Who better to show us how it’s done than Jessie James Decker herself?

Images: Amore & Sorvete (3)