January Jones Has Joined The Pink Ladies

by Marisa Dalpiaz

Blush pink is absolutely one of my favorite colors. It's feminine and playful and just plain pretty! Imagine my excitement this morning when I found out January Jones dyed her hair blush pink. The Mad Men star is no stranger to exploring new hair colors. She has been a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, and even donned rose gold highlights in 2012. Now that filming for Mad Men season seven has wrapped, Jones can afford to take even more risks like her new blush pink hue.

Even though her days of portraying Betty Draper are over, the actress can't help but to make a "throwback" comment. Jones referenced the iconic Grease character, and member of the Pink Ladies no less, beauty school dropout Frenchy. Although, Nicole Richie's most recent look is without a doubt more comparable to the O.G. Pink Lady, it was still a clever comment made by Jones.

I am usually not a fan of unnatural hair colors (blue, green, teal, purple, etc). It doesn't do it for me. However, this shade of pink on Jones really does look almost natural. The actress might have just made a case for a new spring beauty trend.

In 2013, Jones admitted that her hair had definitely taken a beating from her experiments. The actress claimed that her hair was falling out in clumps and that she may eventually shave it off and sport a wig. Stay tuned for Jones' Britney Moment.