Why You Should Follow Adelaide On Twitter Now

All hail Mary, Queen of Scots. That's right, it's time to idolize Reign 's Mary, because, why not? Well, actually, it's time to gush over the actress who plays Mary — Adelaide Kane. If you're a fan of the CW series, then you know how amazing Kane is — and not just as an actress and one who can make you cry with all of her emotional and heartbreaking scenes. I'm talking about how Adelaide Kane rocks Twitter and makes me want to be as cool as her.

First, if you're not following Kane on Twitter, well, you're missing out. Follow her, right now. Thanks to Twitter, fans get a new perspective on their favorite celebrities. Even though we don't get to talk with them personally, we do get a chance to see who they are outside of their show, character, and costumes. We see their personalities, likes, dislikes, and opinions shine. Who doesn't appreciate Twitter for that?

Well, that all can be said for Kane. You might not guess it based on the fact that she is always dealing with some kind of royal drama and scandal on Reign, but she is funny in real life. It's pretty obvious Kane is one cool woman, but she really lets that part of herself exude on social media. Basically, the actress is fabulous and here are 11 times she's shown just that through her tweets.

When She Got All Of Us Cat Lovers

Any crazy cat ladies out there feel the same way?

When She Finally Figured Out Technology

I also jump for joy when I figure out technology.

When She Posted A Tom Hiddleston Gif

She gets me.

When She Supported Gender Equality

Thank you, Adelaide.

When She Revealed Her Coffee Obsession

So when should we meet up for a coffee date?

When She Said What We're All Thinking About Cough Medicine


When She Tweeted About House of Cards

I bet she binges Netflix so hard.

When She Thought A Lot Of Thoughts

It's like she's reading my mind, which is also full of thoughts that sometimes flow all at once.

When She Shared Her Love Of Bacon

I don't eat bacon, but she likes late-night snacks, so I like her.

When She Hated On Traveling Delays


When She Expressed Her Love For Gina Rodriguez

I think these two would make one powerful duo.

See? I told you Kane was fabulous.