Does The 'Eye Candy' Book Have A Sequel? MTV Doesn't Have To Use R.L. Stine's Neat Ending

There's nothing that says book adaptations have to follow their source material exactly. We already know that the Eye Candy TV show is very different from R.L. Stine's book. But in the novel, there's only so much story before the whole thing comes to a close. And there is no Eye Candy sequel, because the entire story wraps up super neatly, with a classic Agatha Christie "the butler did it!" reveal. It's a pretty typical standalone mystery novel, with an online twist.

That's not going to help if MTV wants to turn the book into a successful, long running TV series. Instead, they'll have to lean on those differences and start to build their own, unique plotlines. Hopefully, the show won't run out of plot when Season 1 comes to an end, leaving hope for a second season.

But there are multiple ways the show has set up differences from the book that will help MTV not run out of adventures for Lindy, Sophia, and Connor. For one, the overarching mystery of who kidnapped Lindy's sister, Sara, hasn't been solved yet. Meanwhile, in the ninth episode of the series, the "Flirtual Killer" was revealed to be Jake, one of Lindy's online love interests, so they don't even need to rely on the same "whodunit" for the remainder of the series.

The "Flirtual Killer" Could Be Part Of A Larger Conspiracy

That's the whole premise of The Following, which is a popular show over on FOX, so there's no reason to worry if the show starts to build a whole crew of creeps — it can be done. We've already seen a whole bunch of unrelated killers pop up. And since Lindy is a tech expert on the TV show, she could move on to investigating other crimes, not related to her personal background or where she has to use herself as bait.

The Book's Villain Isn't Even A Character

This one has a big book spoiler alert attached to it. In the novel, the person who's been trying to kill Lindy is her friend, Anne Marie, who did the whole thing because she thought Lindy was trying to steal her boyfriend. However, no one actually dies in the book the way they do in the show — the murders are all in the imagination of another person. The book suffers from classic red herring syndrome, also known as "the butler did it" disease. Basically, instead of slowly building to the realization that it was Anne Marie who was after Lindy, it went for the maximum surprise. On the show, they can afford to spend time building up who the killer is slowly.

Even Though They Know Who the Killer Is, The Story Doesn't Have To End

There's nothing that proves the story has to end after the identity of the killer is revealed. Even though the book does end soon after Anne Marie is unmasked, I'm hoping the show doesn't. Think about how exciting the next season of Hannibal will be now that Lecter is on the lam, racing through Europe. Lindy & Pals are more than up to the challenge of chasing down the real killer after it's revealed that they had the wrong identity, or realizing that the real bad guy has been in their crew all along. Trust me, there are plenty of things they can do to preserve the show beyond the book.

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