15 Iconic Dresses That Contributed To Fashion History More Than "The Dress" — From J. Lo's Versace Gown To Audrey Hepburn's Classic LBD

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If there's one thing that the now famous black and blue dress has proved, it is the potential that fashion has on history and pop culture. The piece went from an average commercial dress to an internet sensation within a few hours. But beyond the debates about what color it actually was (it's obviously black and blue, y'all), all that was left was a dress that suddenly everyone knew of and wanted to talk about.

And while the blue and black/white and gold dress was fascinating, there are plenty of other dresses and gowns that made headlines and went viral across the decades. Celebrities make public appearances on a regular basis, and every once in a while they will sport a dress or gown that stands out from the rest — whether it's sexy, new, bright or uniquely different. Oftentimes it's not even the person wearing the dress, but the dress itself (thanks, Bjork).

So from scandalous red carpet dresses to memorable costuming in films, here are 15 iconic dresses that are arguably the most recognizable ones in history.

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