As A Model 'Vanderpump Rules' Jax Was On Magazines, Runways, And... Dental Brochures? — PHOTOS

He may kind of resemble a pumpkin lately, but back in the day, Vanderpump Rules' Jax was a model. His modeling profile is still active online, even though it looks like all of those photos are pre-2005, at least judging by the cut of the jeans. But seriously, look at all of those entries — even though the guy may have seen better days, those days are all preserved in magazine articles and ads. The chisel of his abs may fade over time, but the memory of them never will.

Most of Jax's Instagram is filled with lame, sexist platitudes about dating and how much guys like checking out women's butts when they're wearing exercise pants. Stupid stuff, the kind of things that explains why his relationships have never worked out. And he is not above enjoying a throwback photo from his younger days, either, which his fans greatly appreciate. There was one commenter that even called him her ideal Christian Grey!

I don't know about that, but back in the day, Jax was a pretty successful male model, and he used to be incredibly good looking. Maybe Kristen was on to something when she said that Vanderpump Rules is full of the hottest, sexiest models... from eight years ago.

Back in the Day, He Was a Total Hunk

I mean, Jax may be pushing it with the Stamos comparison, but he's definitely working a little bit of a jacked-Ian Somerhalder look. And check out that smize! He is working the lens.

He Used to Have Abs That Even His Current Abs Don't Know About

Now I can't say whether or not this was some Photoshop wizardry or what, but those are some crazy muscles.

He Posed with His Pearly Whites

Yep, that's an even more tanned than usual Jax smiling on the front of a dentist brochure. But even he was willing to admit that the photo was at least half "scary."

And He's Still Working Today

It may be a little rarer to see Jax walking down a runway — now, he's got to be on Bravo's schedule, so he can't be running out to Paris for Fashion Week when there are Vanderpump reunions to film. Models have to be freely available at a moment's notice.

But his psuedo celebrity name can be a benefit — like when it got him an advertising opportunity for a brand of high-end watches.

Oh, and He's Always Had a Love for Sweaters

I guess a chunky knit is as fundamental to Jax Taylor as getting ill conceived tattoos.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo