All You Need To Curl Your Hair Is Tinfoil

by Jodie Layne

Looking for a quick, easy way to curl your hair for work tomorrow? Well this YouTube beauty guru has the perfect, quick hair DIY tutorial that even the clumsiest of those among us can nail. Run to your kitchen right now and grab your tinfoil, heat up your flat iron and start practicing now. Yes, tinfoil. Get ready to channel some Lady Gaga "Telephone" vibes. Not to sound like a total infomercial, but using a curling iron can be so tricky and often results in burnt fingers and wonky curls. YouTube beauty vlogger Brittney H. breaks down a simple and, uh, unique way to get a low-key curl using household items that looks like it works super well.

It's basically a modern version of creating pin curls that uses heat to help set them faster and create a more defined curl. (I feel like perhaps this is the type of thing my grandma used to do to her hair with a clothes iron back in the day.) The best part is that after heating all of the curls, you can let them set while you get ready for the day or eat breakfast or whatever.

Okay, so the basic idea is this: You section hair and wrap the sections around two fingers to create a loop. Wrap the hair in some tinfoil and press with a flat iron for a few seconds and then let set for around 10 minutes. And... that's it. This actually looks perfect for those days when I'm trying to do a heat-free curl, but all of my bobby pins have mysteriously vanished into thin air. In other words, every day. While it does use heat, it seems minimal and the heat isn't being applied directly to your hair. I'm going to go ahead and call this genius.

Image/Video: YouTube