Fitness Mom Is #SorryNotSorry About Fat-Shaming Fitspiration Photo

Writer, mother and fitness blogger Maria Kang caused an online firestorm recently because of a family photo she posted on Facebook. Like many family photos, it featured Kang and her three boys in color-coordinated attire. But unlike in your average family pic, Kang beams at us while wearing a sports bra and booty shorts. It was posted along with her children's ages and the taunting caption: "What's your excuse?"

The caption is obviously the clincher, what pushes this from pride or simple bragging into fat-shaming Mean Girl territory (sadly typical of so-called Fitspiration). The post has garnered more than 21,000 Facebook comments and 15,000 shares.

Though Kang originally posted the photo last year, it only started going viral in the past few weeks (the Internet! so weird). The influx of comments prompted Kang to post an apology ... sort of. It's really more of a quintessential #SorryNotSorry:

In an interview with Yahoo! Shine, Kang admitted it was more of a "non-apology." It's like that stereotypical high-school girl who thinks everyone hates her because they're jealous when really it's because she's just insufferable. This is turning out to be a very nihilistic story: Woman causes uproar, learns nothing. Though I guess it's kind of refreshing to see someone refuse to backpedal, as we typically expect in these situations. I like when people are honest online, even if it's just to show us that they are honestly pretty awful/clueless.

In response to the attention, Kang created a Frequently Asked Questions section on her website. It includes things like:

Regardless of how sympathetic or not Kang comes across, it does highlight something we see again and again in the media: The expectation that any time a mother carves out time for herself it must be at the expense of her kids. Kang critics included some who called her a bad mom because she was spending time away from her kids to exercise.

Photos via Facebook