'Downton' Characters Could Be Kate & Will's Maid

by Alyse Whitney

If you haven't put in your application to be Kate Middleton and Prince William's housekeeper, there's still time. The royal couple is seeking someone with "previous housekeeping experience, ideally within a large private house, and preferably within a family environment with dogs," and, of course, you have to be discreet. Although most people Stateside who are obsessed with the royals probably don't qualify, there is a big pool of applicants over in the U.K. that they can explore: the Downton Abbey cast. By that, I mean characters from Downton, because the actors aren't method enough to quit their day jobs so they can become actual housekeepers at Kensington Palace.

Considering that Kate Middleton visited Downton Abbey 's set recently, it makes the idea of a lady's maid from the show becoming a real-life housekeeper for Will and Kate even more feasible. With most of the staff having worked for the Crawley family at Downton for many years — especially Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson — they would have an impressive resume heading over to the palace. Instead of giving everyone a shot at the job, I've narrowed it down to six potential new hires, all of whom are either maids, nannies, or cooks now.

Unnamed Nanny

For some odd reason, the nanny after crazy Nanny West has not been called by name on the show, but she is great with George, Sybil, and Marigold. She fits the bill for being good with kids (and likely dogs too), but she seems a bit on the older side and may have trouble with the rest of the cleaning duties in the house.

Anna Bates

Anna is sweet, a hard worker, and incredibly loyal. She is a lady's maid for Mary — though she used to also help Edith and Sybil before Mary got married — and can clearly handle a lot on her plate. She's the well-rounded maid that would be perfect for any job at Kensington Palace.

Mrs. Hughes

Mrs. Hughes is the most qualified person in the world to work for royalty. She's been with the Crawley family for a long time, and even though day-to-day housekeeping is not her job, she would be up to any task and stay loyal and discreet for Kate and William.


Daisy may be a cook now, but she has big dreams. She probably doesn't dream of being a housekeeper, but she's great with kids, has a big heart, and drives herself to do bigger and better things.

Phyllis Baxter

Baxter isn't the most trust-worthy, but she has been good to Cora as her lady's maid. As long as there was a thorough background check and Thomas didn't work anywhere near her, she may be fine. Not the first pick, though, that's for sure.

Mrs. Patmore

I can't imagine Mrs. Patmore faring well as a cleaner, but she feels like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast to me, a.k.a. she would be a kind and loving nanny for Prince George and the second royal baby on the way. She can cook well, so maybe her job could be less cleaning and more being a grandmother figure in the house while cooking homemade meals.

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