Will Ferrell Marched in USC's Marching Band, and It's Predictably Hilarious

Will Ferrell has played so many strange roles and done so many weird things for a laugh that, by now, barely anything he does comes as a surprise. (Remember that hilarious Emmys moment with his children?) His latest stunt, however, consisted of the Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues actor donning the traditional Tommy Trojan costume — that's right, and Ferrell led the University of Southern California marching band. The legend does indeed continue, folks.

Before making a name for himself during his 11-year tenure on Saturday Night Live, Ferrell graduated from USC in 1991 and, apparently, the school spirit never left him. On Monday, he visited his alma mater to speak about cancer survivor Craig Pollard's charity, Cancer for College, among other things.

But since he's Ferrell, he can't just sit on a stage and talk to an audience — he has to get crazy. Instead of turning the appearance into an Anchorman 2 ad and dressing as Ron Burgundy (something that wouldn't be surprising based on this Dodge commercial), however, he got into the spirit of things with the Spirit of Troy, USC's marching band.

Now, the band itself was likely unfazed, regardless of how the student body felt about Ferrell's appearance — the Spirit of Troy has appeared on Glee, How I Met Your Mother, America's Got Talent, and even the Academy Awards before. By now, it's probably impossible for them to be starstruck.

Still, everyone must have cracked a smile seeing Ferrell dressed head-to-toe — or helmet-to-gladiator-sandal — in the armor of a Trojan knight. Check out the video below, captured by an audience member, to see Ferrell leading the band out on stage. You don't have to be an alumni to get into the spirit of Ferrell being ridiculous.

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