Where is Jenna In 'Southern Charm' Season 2? Did She Just Change Her Hair?

Southern Charm is returning for Season 2 with a charming vengeance (Look! We didn't get canceled and we're still "southern!"), but this go-round, it seems they're one mohawk short. Perhaps Bravo thought we wouldn't notice that Jenna King was missing from the Southern Charm Season 2 lineup since she's been replaced with new and especially charmingly named cast member, Landon Clements, in addition to Bravo bumping drama-stirrer Kathryn Calhoun Dennis up to full-time status this year. But we've noticed... oh, we've noticed! Unless Jenna is running around Charleston in a soccer mom disguise complete with khaki knee-length shorts and a sandy blonde bob, I think we've lost Jenna, South Carolina's edgiest collector of millionaire "friends" forever.

Alas, the L.A.-hearted lady wasn't long for South Carolina in her adolescence, and it seems her time on Season 1 of Southern Charm was nothing more than a Bravo-funded vacation. I'm thankful for her service in occasionally trying to remind those Southern boys that somewhere around the age of 30 is a reasonable time to start considering adulthood; I'm thankful for the South of Broad house that she apparently never really lived in but provided for parties; and, of course, I'm thankful for her mohawk.

So, What is Jenna Doing?

Well, according to her Instagram and Twitter, it looks like Jenna is doing a lot of... posing, a lot of traveling, a lot of eating $300 hamburgers. Sometimes, there's an occasional trip back to South Carolina to celebrate her mom's birthday. If Jenna is working, it's not totally clear on what, but she does seem to be doing a photo shoot or recording a music video of sorts at any given time.

Clearly, what Jenna is mostly doing, is keeping hair game strong. You can see the braids above, but recently she's gone back to her signature 'hawk, but died it platinum blonde (and she posted a really perplexing video of herself with the new haircut eating a hot dog while driving that I won't be posting here).

Is There Any Chance of a Shocking Return?

Oh, no, probably not. There doesn't seem to be room for Jenna and this season's storyline, and I think Southern Charm was just an entry in the "I'm so spontaneous" travel journal for ol' Jenna. But she did post this photo of a trip to Charleston with a pretty suggestive hashtag (although it was way after filming), so at least there's no love lost.

How Does the Season 2 Hair Compare?

Without Jenna in the cast, I'm afraid Season 2 of Southern Charm's hair status is strictly Charleston proper. Yes, Shep is looking much more adult with a shorter version of his signature Hilton Head shag, and yes, Cameran still looks great in the blonde long layers I have to imagine she's sported since first grade; but there just isn't any 'do to feast your eyes upon quite like Jenna's mohawk. I guess there's always hope for Thomas Ravenel to go platinum...

Images: Briana Stello/Bravo