Ranking Shailene Woodley's Leading Men By Hotness, From JGL to Ansel Elgort — PHOTOS

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It's possible that Shailene Woodley is the luckiest woman in Hollywood. In the past five years, she's grown from the pregnant teen on The Secret Life of the American Teenager to full-fledged movie star, and she happens to have the hottest co-stars in the business. It's insane to think that she's only been in six major movies — including three huge YA book adaptations: The Fault in Our Stars , The Spectacular Now , and the Divergent trilogy — and she's shared co-stars more than once.

From her first big screen co-star George Clooney (though not romantic — he played her dad in The Descendents) to her charming British onscreen beau Theo James, here's a ranking of all of Shai's leading men.

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