Chris & Whitney Are Moving In Together!

It's hard to believe that The Bachelor is actually over, but it's true — Chris Soules has officially chosen Whitney Bischoff as his fiancée, and even if you don't agree with his final pick, you can't argue that they aren't adorable together. And even though Chris has repeatedly reminded us that he's just a simple farm dude for the past three months, his latest decision is a bit contradictory. Instead of heading back to Arlington, Iowa, and starting his life with Whitney on the farm, Chris has joined the cast for Dancing With The StarsSeason 20, partnering up with dancer Witney Carson to compete this season when it premieres on Monday, March 16. But while Chris is on DWTS , where will Whitney be? Is she still in Chicago, or will she be cheering her future husband on at the tapings?

According to what the newly minted couple has told People, Chris and Whitney aren't planning on letting another reality show get in the way of taking their relationship to the next level. Chris & Whitney are using this opportunity to live together in LA, where they get to test out how compatible they are in real life while Chris trains and competes this season. And don't worry, Whitney hasn't quit her job — she's taken a different position within the fertility field that allows her to work from anywhere.

While a lot of couples might see something like another reality show as a major obstacle in their relationship, Chris and Whitney seem to be welcoming it as a chance to finally be public about their relationship and spend time together after a few months of living apart since they got engaged. Last week, Chris told Access Hollywood:

The plan is to live together in LA and go through this experience of Dancing With the Stars and just enjoy being together. We were able to be in public for the first time since we were on the show… we spent two months hiding out, not being able to have a relationship. We went out last night for dinner and enjoyed not being stuck in a house and hiding out. So, that's really what we want to focus on is having a real relationship in the real world.

And enjoying themselves in the real world is exactly what they're doing. How cute is this?

It's definitely possible that something like DWTS could put some unnecessary pressure on a relationship that's already been put through all kinds of pressure before it even began, but I think Chris and Whitney will be fine. It's a good idea to live together in a place like LA before heading to Arlington, where there's pretty much no one else to talk to but the cows and each other. That will be far more challenging than living through DWTS, and even though Chris will be busy practicing his moves, Whitney will be front row at every taping — and so will Chris Harrison, who has already announced he'll be sitting with her at the premiere.

Will Chris win? Probably not. But this is definitely a fun time for him and Whitney, and they should enjoy it!

Image: Jean Whiteside/ABC