Did Sara Fake Her Kidnapping On 'Eye Candy'? There's More To Lindy's Sister Than Meets The Eye

Eye Candy may have unlocked one very big mystery for its viewers, revealing that Jake is the real Flirtual Killer (dun dun dunnn!!!), but there are still a ton of mysteries we have yet to unlock, including the identity of Sara's kidnapper and whether or not she may still be alive. However, what if we've been looking at all of this the wrong way? What if Lindy's sister wasn't actually abducted at all? What if Sara, in fact, faked her own kidnapping? I know, I know — I sound like a crazy person, right? (Then again, I am completely obsessed with a stalker show, so make of that what you will.)

But seriously, the idea definitely isn't out of the realm of possibility. I mean, if Eye Candy has taught us anything, it's that no one is what they seem, and having Sara be the real puppet master behind her abduction would certainly make for a delicious twist. Granted, we did see the whole nightmare play out firsthand as Lindy watched in horror as her sister was forcefully thrown into the back of a van. On the surface, that seems like a really hard thing to fake. But then again, there were times when Jake's actions had us seriously doubting that he was the killer, so everything is not always as it seems.

Consider, for a second, just how little we actually know about Sara. Aside from getting kidnapped and going through regular teenage rebellion, we know almost nothing about what her life was like while Lindy was away at college. She could've been looking for a means of escape from the life that she's come to loathe since her mom's death.

I'll admit, this would be a really crappy way of going about it, given the emotional torture she's put her sister through in trying to find her. But this may have been the only option Sara felt could fully erase her old identity. Or, if you prefer to still think of her in a more positive light, outside forces could've made her follow through with this plan.

I'm still not fully convinced that her mysterious boyfriend — who we only got a glimpse of in the pilot — won't somehow still factor into this equation eventually. First of all, he looks super shady, and second of all, he could've been threatening to hurt Sara if she didn't do exactly what he said — like fake her own kidnapping. (For all we know, he could've been the one in the hoodie.) So even if the whole thing turned out to be a sham, there's always a chance Sara still had Lindy's best interests at heart.

Then there's the whole Babylon factor. What was Sara doing on that website? Was she a victim of it or is this further proof that she's been the brains behind this operation all along? WHAT IF SHE'S THE BABYLON CREATOR?!?! Fine, maybe that's taking things a bit too far, but ya gotta admit, seeing her on such a shady site certainly does raise a few red flags that there could be more to her story than meets the eye.

Yes, our dear Sara does seem to be a mystery wrapped in an enigma surrounded by question marks. But my own personal paranoia aside, there's one thing we can definitely say with absolute certainty: Sara is not actually dead. She just can't be or else Lindy's entire search would be for nothing… and that just won't do. Lindy deserves better and so do we. Mark my words, someone else's remains are in that box… right?!?!

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