Kathryn Weathers A 'Southern Charm' Storm

From the start of Season 1 to the start of Season 2 of Southern Charm , just about nothing is the same for Kathryn. In the beginning of this season, Kathryn is a regular cast member, she is now living at Thomas' plantation with T Rav himself, and she and T Rav have a newborn baby. So. Much. Has. Changed. And from the look of the premiere episode, she's doing her best to handle it all, but really it's a lot. So how is Kathryn doing with all of the changes around her, specifically being a mother? Kathryn tells Bustle that, "It’s grounded me and put me in a situation where I’ve had to face every responsibly and there’s no way out."

At the beginning of the second season, the update on the tumultuous relationship of Kathryn and T Rav is as follows: The two are in a monogamous relationship (a good start); Thomas has sold the Church St. house and they all live on his plantation, which Kathryn complains is so far from everywhere; and Kathryn has fired Kensington's godmother for flirting with Thomas (which seems like a step back, but who's to judge). I know, it's a lot to handle from this couple.

Kathryn, who is obviously a little overwhelmed with being a mother — understandable! —also finds herself the main topic of conversation with the movers and shakers of Charleston. Whitney, who calls Kathryn a "hillbilly femme fatale" in the first episode, and his mother, Patricia, are two that Kathryn seems to take issue with. "The things they say it’s like they went and looked it up in the dictionary to to figure out the worst thing they could say or they Googled it," Kathryn says.

Kathryn, who says during the second christening that Patricia is intimidating her — and honestly, this woman is pretty intimidating (her butler brings her own martini makings to events) — seems to not let the haters bring her down too much. "It’s quite funny to me that she’s so unnerved and saying the most terrible things about me and she doesn’t know me," Kathryn says of Patricia. "I don’t have to pretend or create this lavish visual lifestyle to impress people."

And how does she feel about her co-star Whitney? "We hate each other, but when we see each other he’s like 'Hey, darling,' and he gives me a hug and isn't really creepy," she says. It's pretty great to see that Kathryn isn't letting Whitney, Patricia, or anyone else that she doesn't "respect" get her down because she has enough on her plate. Plus, this season looks pretty dramatic for her and Thomas (then again, when isn't it?), so the last thing Kathryn needs is for Whitney and his mother to be getting her down.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo