6 Matt Bomer & Lady Gaga Storylines That Need To Happen On 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

Matt Bomer is that particular brand of handsome that has evil lurking under it, and looks fantastic in a suit. Which is why it's exciting news that he confirmed that he'll be joining the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel along with Lady Gaga. Even though Vaguey McVague Bomer did not confirm or deny that his role will be linked romantically to Lady Gaga's, we can dream, can't we? We predicted some possible roles that Bomer might take on in Season 5 (which will unfortunately be moving forward without her excellency Jessica Lange), but how is Bomer going to intersect with Gaga?

It's our best bet that Gaga's gonna be Hotel's centerpiece, since Lange has closed the door on her long, incredible tenure on Ryan Murphy's show. It's still a will-they or won't-they with regard to a potential romantic plot betwixt Bomer and Gaga, but I'd have to say it will be a "they-will" since Murphy usually gives fans what they want. But his stories are always complicated and, let's face it, over the limit and out of control in the best possible way. Here are some suggestions for Murphy on how to create a sinister hotel love affair between Bomer and Gaga.

The Unsuspecting Newlyweds

What better way to celebrate a new happy union than to check into a murder hotel? There's usually a legend about a bride hanging herself or drowning herself in a hotel closet/ bathroom, and maybe the ghosties will lead Mrs. Gaga-Bomer to checking out... permanently.

The Singer and The Piano Player

Gaga is getting particularly lounge-y as of late, collaborating with Tony Bennett, and if Hotel is set in a bygone era, Gaga would do well to play the beautifully melodic lounge singer with sadness in her eyes because she sold her soul to the devil or something for eternal beauty or something... and Bomer is the piano player, who's a murderer or something. Details still unclear. But Murphy would be remiss not to use Gaga's pipes.

The Reporter And The Ghost

Bustle also predicted that there's a good chance there will be a skeptical reporter traveling to the hotel as a rigid non-believer, trying to put these faux haunting stories on blast. Twist, though: Bomer falls in love with a beautiful and mysterious hotel guest (Gaga) who's actually... DEAD!

The Recluse And The Detective

Sometimes for really what seems like paranoia or no reason at all, really, incredibly wealthy women shut themselves up in hotels and then there's hoarding out the ying yang. Certainly not a situation to get yourself wrapped up in, but obviously American Horror Story is a show where people get themselves wrapped up in all kinds of crap. Bomer could play a good old-fashioned gumshoe trying to get to the bottom of this.

The Politician And His Paramour

Them sleazy senators and governors, etc., et. al. are always taking advantage of fake names and Do Not Disturb signs to have their sleazy little trysts. Would love to see Gaga as the Other Woman get fed up and murk that politician. This would also allow Bomer to wear exclusively suits through Hotel, which I endorse.

The Tragic Celebrity And Her Suspicious Lover

Why do beautiful movie stars/ troubled rock stars always seem to die of overdoses in hotels? And why is it sometimes the boyfriend/ lover/ husband the one who usually did it?

I trust you Murphy, with whatever you decide to do with Gaga and Bomer, but I at least ask of you to make it extra dramatic.

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