Your Favorite 'Bachelor' Say A Lot About You

With 19 seasons in 13 years on the air, ABC has gone though a lot of Bachelors. The show has tried to find love for everyone from a naval officer to a prince to a farmer. It hasn't always been successful, but The Bachelor is always pretty entertaining and you always come to root for the man making room in his life, and in his heart, for one of a number of special women. But with so many different personalities gracing the show, it's not unusual to have a favorite Bachelor — and which one you pick says a lot about you.

If you've been watching since 2002, you have a lot of options to choose from because there have been 18 handsome, well-to-do men put on display over the years. But the most interesting thing about the show is that you never know who you're going to like once they're actually in the driver's seat. Juan Pablo Galavis was beloved until he opened his mouth, and Chris Soules was considered boring despite the fact that his season as a whole certainly wasn't.

But no matter who you like the best, your decision is very telling. Think of it as your own personal reality TV astrology sign, and read on to see what your favorite Bachelor says about you.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Alex Michel (Season 1)

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You're a traditionalist who liked the show when it first started and probably haven't watched much since then. You're sad that your favorite has no Internet presence because you can't see what he's up to today. However, you totally get it. You're probably off the grid as much as you can be, too. Instagram? No thanks! You like to enjoy yourself in the moment rather than on a screen.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Aaron Buerge (Season 2)

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You have serious hometown pride. (That's where Buerge eventually found his wife after reality TV didn't work out.) You also consider yourself an All-American type who likes everything about sports, from swimming to track, and you're not afraid to get a little competitive.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Andrew Firestone (Season 3)

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You're easy-going and likable, often skating through life on your good looks and charm. But underneath all that, you have a sensitive side and a strong desire to settle down and have a family.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Bob Guiney (Season 4)

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You have a lot of passions from music to writing to television, and you want to explore them all. You have a goofy sense of humor, but can sometimes offend people without realizing it. You live in the moment and, if you're feeling a spark with someone, you intend to act on it right then and there.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Jesse Palmer (Season 5)

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Sports are your life. You grew up watching football every Sunday, and you've never looked back. Sometimes you can be a bit of a space cadet, and you're not great at remembering names, but you make decisions carefully and would never take a step you weren't sure you were ready for.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Byron Velvick (Season 6)

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On any given weekend, you can be found enjoying the great outdoors, but you also love people as much as nature. You're romantic and thoughtful. In fact, you'd even go so far as to learn another language so you could better communicate with your significant other's parents. In the end, you're loyal and willing to stick things out, even through the hard times.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Charlie O'Connell (Season 7)

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You love the spotlight, but you're always struggling to get out from your family's shadow. Whether you have an all-star sibling or superstar parents, you're trying to break free from that and forge your own path in life. You like to have fun, and you don't take life too seriously.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Travis Lane Stork (Season 8)

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Your professional life is very important to you, and you like dating people with a similar career interest. You don't necessarily like being the center of attention, but, when you are, you're very charming and likable.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Prince Lorenzo Borghese (Season 9)

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Status and looks are very important to you, so you take pride in your appearance. You'd like to find love, but, right now, your focus is on loving your pets and helping animals in need. Who needs romance when you have puppy snuggles, right?

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Andy Baldwin (Season 10)

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You approach everything you do with dedication and hard work, and being kind is one of your biggest strengths. You give back to your community in any way you can, and you pride yourself on being good to your body and living a healthy lifestyle.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Brad Womack (Seasons 11 & 15)

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You think people deserve second chances, and that, when you haven't made your mind up, it's better to pick nothing than to pick the wrong thing. You haven't had the best luck with love, but your varied hobbies and interests keep you busy and you like being your own boss anyway.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Matt Grant (Season 12)

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You're an anglophile who loves a good British accent. You haven't always made the best decisions in life, but you try to learn from the experiences that you have. You're pretty good at balancing work and life, allowing yourself to buckle down when needed and let loose when the time calls for it.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Jason Mesnick (Season 13)

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You get emotional easily and change your mind a lot, but, once you make a decision, you stick with it to the end.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Jake Pavelka (Season 14)

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You tend to go for the unexpected choices in life, which doesn't always work out. You have a variety of interests, most of which include being in the spotlight. You haven't settled down yet, but, when you do, it'll have to be with someone who recognizes your own goals and doesn't want you to sacrifice your interests for the relationship.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Ben Flajnik (Season 16)

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You make a great first impression, and you take your career very seriously. You listen to your heart when making decisions, so that no one else can sway you with their opinions.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Sean Lowe (Season 17)

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You're traditional, down-to-earth, and a big fan of the three "F"s: Faith, family, and friendship. You respect women, but you also think chivalry is not dead. Upon first glance, people might think you're boring, but you have a goofy side reserved for those closest to you.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Juan Pablo Galavis (Season 18)

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You're not quite ready to settle down and expressing your feelings can be hard for you. But you would do anything for your family, and right now that's where your focus lies.

If Your Favorite Bachelor Is: Chris Soules (Season 19)

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You prefer the country lifestyle and small town charm to a city atmosphere. There's more to you than people's first impression, and you know how to kick back and have a good time. You're not great at confrontation, but you're always honest with the ones you love.

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