Why Henry Could Be The Author On 'OUAT'

This season, Operation Mongoose is in full effect. Not only have more clues been uncovered (including missing pages and blank books) but now on OUAT , August himself is back from the um, dead? to help solve the mystery. While we now know that the author and the sorcerer are not the same person (thanks to the help of the Blue Fairy), with so many missing pieces to the puzzle, we are left to wonder, do we really know anything anymore? Within these few short episodes, there has already been so much speculation over who the Once Upon A Time author is. Guesses range from Walt Disney to P.L. Travers, but I have my own theories (or at least hopes) for who the famous author might be.

Since Regina obtained August's old bag from Marco aka Geppetto, Henry has been busy looking for clues on the detached pages. In the episode "Unforgiven," Henry discovers a page that has a picture of a door with a sticky note insinuating the author, but then the scene cuts to the outside of Mr. Gold's shop, which has a similar red door. Immediately I thought of Belle, but let's take a deeper look at this clue, shall we? While it would make sense for Belle to be the author, what with her love of books and her slight memory loss that one time when her mother died, maybe the door was leading us to someone else. The Blue Fairy said that the sorcerer and the author are not the same person, but that doesn't mean they aren't connected. Maybe because the author is the sorcerer's apprentice and if that's the case, Henry need not look any further than himself. Stay with me here, what if Henry is the author in the future? Here are some reasons why this plot would be the perfect twist for Once Upon a Time.

The Book Appeared to Him

Let's not leave this important detail out, Henry started the book drama way long ago. It appeared the Henry when he needed it most, so maybe it was a gift from his future self to help all the other story book characters realize their true identities.

Magic Runs in the Family

Seriously, his mom is the savior and his grandfather is the Dark One. There is no way that Henry doesn't have some magical bone in his body. Maybe his doesn't have to do with power but the imagination to create a book that alters people's lives.

He Has The Heart of the Truest Believer

One of Henry's shining qualities is that he always sees the best in people. Even when things got dark he always encouraged Regina to be the better person. He never gave up on her. So maybe that missing page Regina found in the library was a message from future Henry telling her to not give up hope.

He is the Dark One's Undoing

The seeker once told Rumple that the boy that leads him back to Baelfire would be his undoing. Is this perhaps because of the controversy this would ensue if Rumple were to force his own grandson to rewrite the book?

Maybe He's the Savior's Savior

If Emma is going to the dark side as all the promos have alluded to, maybe Henry being the author is the perfect way to get her back on track.

He's Not a Story Book Character

Who better to write the book than someone who isn't part of it? Really, after all the Peter Pan drama in Neverland, Henry's character has gone off the radar. It would be the perfect ending to the series to have him be the one who brings everyone together.

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