Jessica Simpson's Painful Fashion Advice

by Madison Alcedo

It's a rare sight to see Jessica Simpson in shoes other than high heels, and now we know why. In a recent People StyleWatch interview, Jessica Simpson advised women to wear high heels, even if they hurt. Say it ain't so, Jess!

Simpson told People, “The best fashion advice? To me, that’s the deepest question. I think the best fashion advice would be, ‘[Even] if your feet hurt, wear the shoes.'”

Of course, having your own super successful shoe line would help carry out that advice, but you've got to give the girl some props for always wanting to rock a great pair of heels no matter the occasion. And whatever that occasion may be, we know the real reason she is really wearing those heels — to show off her great legs!

It's obvious Simpson's style has always been about the shoes. Almost every time she's out, her shoes are the statement piece of her outfit. We're jealous of the endless shoe possibilities little Maxwell probably has during dress-up time...

Some may think wearing heels is just for special occasions, but not Simpson. We've seen her wear heels by the pool, during her pregnancies, and even while on family outings. With so many opportunities for great outfits, there's always an opportunity to choose a good shoe. At least that's what Jessica Simpson believes.

Besides recently wearing six-inch heels during a photoshoot on a cliff, here's some other times we are sure her feet were screaming for some comfort:

1. During Her Pregnancies

Simpson didn't change her style just because she was pregnant. But we are guessing she probably kicked her shoes off the moment she got home and asked for a foot massage. (We won't judge!)

2. Showing Off Her Awesome Calves

Simpson's post-baby bod is on point. She may have had two kids, but she has worked hard to get back in shape — especially on those legs!

3. Wearing A Sexy Bathing Suit

Hey, who says you can't wear a bathing suit and heels, too? Whether it's an evening gown or a fashionable one-piece swimsuit, Simpson doesn't have a casual side as far as shoe choices go.

4. During Outings With The Fam

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Simpson may be a mother and a wife, but she still knows how to have fun — especially with a sexy pair of heeled leopard booties!

5. During Her Wedding

Of course Simpson wouldn't sacrifice style for comfort on her wedding day! Even though her wedding heels look a bit more modest than her normal taste, we're guessing she rocked those beauties long after the reception.

Images: Getty Images (3); Jessica Simpson/Instagram