Kimberly Nichole & Lowell Oakley's 'The Voice' Battle Round Was The Most Dramatic One EVER

First we hear from the old guys, and now we hear from the old souls. And WOW. These two did not disappoint and it put Coach Pharrell in a really tough position. So tough, in fact, that it had to be drawn out over two commercial breaks — and will probably win Pharrell an Emmy for Most Dramatic Reality Television Performance. Nightclub singer Kimberly Nichole took on college student Lowell Oakley in one of the best Battle Rounds of the season. The two gave equally amazing performances, but Nichole was clearly the winner thanks to her years of experience. But I told you this was a dramatic decision — Oakley stole the win, but Pharrell's reasoning is understandable.

Pharrell's decision was shocking, but I see his reasoning. He chose the contestant who had the most to learn from him — and that is certainly Oakley. The 19-year-old is still finding himself as an artist, and can benefit greatly from Pharrell's direction. Plus, Pharrell can mold him into the artist he sees Oakley becoming — which is a major benefit for him as a producer. Nichole is an amazing performer, but she already has the experience to go out and do this on her own. The 31-year-old may not take Pharrell's direction as well as Oakley will, which is why it was smart for the coach to let her go. Thankfully Christina Aguilera stole Nichole so she still has a shot in this game, and I don't see her new coach giving her up any time soon — sorry, Pharrell.

Aside from Pharrell's painfully long decision — you could tell the contestants were getting pretty annoyed with their coaches indecision — the battle was pretty amazing. "Hound Dog" was the perfect choice for the old souls, and they each brought their own style to it. Nichole brought a gritty rock sound to the classic, while Oakley gave it a modern jazz crooner vibe. Both styles were equally great, and proved how talented each artist is. I can't wait to see how each of their styles progress this season. And I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to watch that progression — because these two aren't going anywhere.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC