7 Healthy Spring Recipes Starring Fresh Veggies To Help You Feel Your Best This Season

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There's something about spring that makes me super excited to eat healthy again. Spring recipes packed with fresh veggies are just what I need right now to beat the winter blues once and for all. I kinda never thought I'd say this, but I'm bored with my carb-lovers only diet, and even worse, I feel sluggish, apathetic toward everything, and tired. Shouldn't I be overflowing with I-can-do-anything-now-it's-warm-outside energy? Why the hell aren't I?

As tasty as my winter woe-filled diet was, I wasn't exactly paving the way for a healthy start to this new, warmer season. All those carbs, though happy as they made me, left me feeling bloated all season long. (Thankfully I own enough oversized sweaters to keep this truth a secret from the general public and myself.) Now the seasons are changing, and spring is so close I can smell the flowers itching to bloom just beneath the surface. Now, I'm ready to beat the bloat once and for all.

So I put my belly to the pavement, and found seven bloat-busting recipes to satisfy the need for something filling, fresh, and flavorful and to help me kick the last of my frumpy winter woes to the corner. The result was deliciously delightful.

Image: Cookie and Kate

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