Jake's Dark Backstory & Purpose For Killing Is Revealed On 'Eye Candy,' And It Leads To Bloody Consequences

He might be the Flirtual Killer but there might be more messed-up, creepy, craziness inside Eye Candy's Jake Bolin than your typical television serial killer. During the series' epic Season 1 finale, Jake finally revealed his serial stalker and murderer alter ego to Lindy when she discovered Tessa's phone in Jake's bag. He went on to explain to Lindy that he brought her to Hart's Island not because her sister Sara was buried there (she was not, but that's longer more mysterious story), but because he wanted to take her back to where it all started. Where his parents first met and fell in love. Apparently Jake's whole purpose, desire and first act of killing came thanks to his father's need to have a perfect life and wife, as well as the destruction of his parents' love for one another.

Jake tells Lindy that his desire to have the perfect woman and the perfect love stems from the terrible tragedy of his parents' love story. Apparently Jake's mom and dad (who were both American oddly enough) fell in love and eloped. They lived happily for a while but then Jake's mom turned to drugs and caused Jake's father to freak out and berate her for ruining their perfect life. Jake seeing his father in pain over his mother and seeing his mother in pain over the drugs and whatnot, murders his mother as a child, leading Jake's father to rush them away from his childhood home.

This backstory contributed to Jake's obsessive need to find the perfect woman, and when he met Lindy, he felt for sure that she was the one. He wanted to find out about Lindy's sister Sara's abduction and help fix the only blemish (in his eyes) in Lindy's life. So because he couldn't get Lindy's actual sister, he kidnapped Sophia and put her in danger so Lindy could save her and feel whole again.

Unfortunately for him, Lindy did not feel the same way and (with the help of George) found a way to save herself, but not before Jake created some terrible consequences for everyone's favorite hacker girl. During their escape off the island, Lindy and Sophia (who was saved from being gassed to death) stumbled across extensive files from Jake about his family and all the times he stalked Lindy. Unfortunately Lindy can't download the files she needs fast enough and Sophia's gets stabbed as punishment.

Thankfully Tommy, Connor and George find Lindy and Jake before Sophia dies and before Jake can abduct Lindy, and while Tommy is having a standoff with the Flirtual Killer, Lindy makes him go save Sophia instead of chase after her. Here we get one of our only Tindy moments of the night, this exchange between Tommy and Lindy:

Tommy: I'll never stop looking for you.

Lindy: I know.

Wow guys, how very Star Wars of you. In the end, Sophia is in a coma, and Tessa has been killed (as we saw in the penultimate episode). And if you thought the series would end on a negative note with Jake getting away, fortunately Lindy kicks some serious butt and she and George bring Jake's crimes to broad daylight, and he gets arrested by Tommy.

Nevertheless, Jake's life was creepy from start to finish, but it seems so strange that he was able to caught so easily after his identity was revealed. Maybe I'm overthinking everything but is it at all possible that getting arrested was potentially part of a bigger plan? Either way, I'm pumped to see Jake get a slightly, semi-sympathic history to why he's become the way he is. But in the end, he's a serial killer so nothing is going to make him truly relatable or empathetic.

The guy is extremely creepy, as judged by his crazy obsession with perfection and his insane and dark love for Lindy. But what can we expect from a guy who poured acid on someone face for having a little acne issue? Good riddance Jake Bolin/Flirtual Killer. It's time for you to go away for good.

Images: MTV (screenshot); dyingtoconnect, sallysaidan/Tumblr