See How Harry Styles, Kerry Washington, & More Celebs Are Celebrating St. Patrick's Day On Social Media

St. Patrick’s Day is here! Although, you probably already know that not just by the plethora of rowdy people dressed in green, but by the sheer number of people looking green after imbibing more than a liter of alcohol before noon. But, regardless of whether you’re stuck at work or you’re taking to the streets to show your love of shamrocks and a snake-less Ireland, you can still celebrate in your own way. I mean, even celebrities seem to be fairly excited about St. Patrick's Day and they work some crazy hours, too. So, why not take a look at their celebratory tweets to get you in a lucky, cheerful sort of mood?

In addition to celebs tweeting about the world wide holiday, there are some quality tweets going around about the celebs in honor of the big day as well. Have you caught the #MakeACelebrityIrish trend on Twitter? If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. But, I’ve also included a few top notch ones below for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome for the fun. You can buy me an appropriately festive beer in thanks; I’ll be here all day.

Check out the tweets and Instagram posts below to see what celebrities are musing about on St. Patrick’s Day:

Kerry Washington is celebrating by sharing this cute little personal tidbit

Niall Horan is obvs very excited about the holiday

And so, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are supporting their Irish bro

Maybe don't take Justin Guarini's advice literally...

Nick Lachey, Jenny McCarthy, and LaRoux are getting in the spirit

Sarah Michelle Gellar's holiday themed Insta posts are top notch

Vice President Biden just one upped us all

Mia Farrow tweeted this gorgeous, festive throwback

Well done, Playbill

Kevin McHale proving that face painting is always in style

Debbie Reynolds keepin' it real

George Takei is blowing our minds (as usual)

Melissa Joan Hart is educating us

Tyler Oakley's getting cheeky

Nathan Followill has a serious, St. Patrick's Day inquiry

And finally, some of the best of #MakeACelebrityIrish tweets because they're impressively punny and festive