13 Tweets From 'Insurgent' Star Miles Teller That Prove He Is The Most Relatable Guy On The Planet

I'll admit that my crush on Miles Teller is a pretty new thing, mostly because I was only recently introduced to his movies. I first saw him in That Awkward Moment, because I will see anything that Zac Efron is in, but that isn't when I fell in love with Teller. That happened when I saw The Spectacular Now, and by the time Whiplash came around, it became evident that not only is Teller good-looking, but he's also ridiculously talented. (Actually, the only bad thing about Miles Teller is that he isn't single.) And after thoroughly stalking his Twitter, I made another discovery: he's actually pretty hilarious. In fact, after going down his social media rabbit hole, I realized that almost all of Miles Teller's tweets are things most of us have probably said or thought at some point in our lives.

Whether he's complaining about air travel, asking random questions that there never seem to be answers to, or commenting on the mundane struggles of his daily life, Teller's Twitter always entertains. In fact, he may actually be the male Anna Kendrick — and that isn't a compliment I would give to just anybody.

If you aren't already in love with him, these tweets will probably make you realize that this guy needs to be your best friend.

On taking bathroom breaks

This is especially true when you're at the movies and kid yourself into thinking you can hold it until the movie is over... an hour from now.

On making boring errands way more fun

I can't imagine what would make this world a better place than half-priced puppies and gas every day at 5 o'clock.

On being forced to listen to songs you hate

Who benefits when I'm forced to listen to the same Maroon 5 song nine times?

On text-related guilt

This counts double if your read receipts are on. Seriously, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just going to text you later... Or, you know, forget to reply because I didn't answer you right away.

On trash-ketball humiliation

Like I didn't know I wasn't good at sports.

On #GymProbs

Is there a single pair of headphones optimized for gym use on the market? Teller could be onto something.

On airport etiquette

I don't do this, but only because I like to wait 'til the last minute so the airline will courtesy check my bag for free.

On the deliciousness of ranch dressing

And honestly, every vegetable should be ranch flavored.


As someone who tried her first pumpkin spice latte this past fall, I totally get where he's coming from. Who thought a pumpkin flavored drink would be that delicious?

On terrible plane wifi

I know it's a relatively new concept, but if they're going to charge $10 for it, it might as well work.

On a lack of absolutely any kind of cooking skills

I try to cook, but honestly, the only things I can ever get right are toast and break-and-bake cookies.

On road rage


On peeling bananas

Did you know you're supposed to start from the bottom? It's news to me too.