What Will Kendall & Kylie Jenner's Game Be About? They Should Take This Advice From Kim Kardashian's Game

In a continued effort to create their own brand, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are making their own video game. Apparently they liked being digitally added to big sister Kim Kardashian's game so much that they decided to do their own. It's not yet known what Kendall and Kylie's game will be about (although Bustle's Kadeen Griffiths has some great ideas). But one thing is for sure, they can draw upon Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for inspiration.

While I think it's important that the girls branch out and have the content of their game be different from their big sister's, there's no reason why they shouldn't learn some lessons from Kim. After all, she made all the mistakes first, so now Kendall and Kylie don't have to make those same ones and they can focus on making their game a hit.

As an avid player of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood since its inception, I know what Kendall and Kylie's game needs to have to please players, and what it desperately needs to avoid. If they take this advice and learn from Kim's multi-million dollar game, they'll be in great shape when the app debuts.

It's Not About What You Do, It's About How Addicting It Is to Do It

There's not a lot of skill involved in Kim's game. It's basically tapping on a lot of stuff to score points. But it doesn't matter that it's not hard to play, people keep coming back for more because it's so addicting to try to win points to buy clothes and houses and pets. So the Jenners shouldn't worry about the precise skill level of the game as much as they should focus on what you get if you do well.

Listen to Your Players

When Kim Kardashian's game crashed and fans complained about not being able to finish photo shoots, Kimmy listened and bestowed about 20 K stars on each player. Instantly the trouble was forgotten. Look, game's aren't perfect, but it's the way you respond to complaints that will make or break you. Also, listen to player suggestions. After all, they're the ones playing. So when they wanted to get married in the game, Kim made it happen, and Kylie and Kendall need to listen up as well.

Explore Family Crossover

I know that the Jenners want to be recognized on their own and not just part of the Kardashian Klan. But at the same time, one of the best parts of Kim's game is when she adds her family. Kendall and Kylie should allow their family members to join the digital world, too. But to keep it separate from Kim's game they could add the people Kim has neglected like Scott Disick, Robert Kardashian, Bruce, Brandon, and Brody Jenner, etc.

Let It Be Playable Offline

One of the worst things about Kim Kardashian's game is that you need Internet access to be able to play. The whole point of mobile apps is to give you something to do when you're on the subway or on an airplane. To drastically increase their success, Kendall and Kylie need to make their game playable offline. No one wants to have to carve time out of their day to play a mobile game, so let them play it when there's nothing else to do and no Wi-Fi.

Open Up Your Own Life (Yes, Even More Than On KUWTK)

The two Jenner sisters aren't the feature part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but we do get to see some aspects of their life. What's cool about a celebrity video game is it gives fans the chance to see sides of you they haven't previously. Besides, unlike with press coverage or a TV show, the Jenners get to control how much of their lives they share in the game, and knowing that what we learn is what they wanted us to see means even more. A sneak peek at the life of the Jenners would be a really cool aspect of the app.

Have Fun

Games that take themselves too seriously are boring. I love Kim Kardashian: Hollywood because she pokes fun at herself, her sisters, and her life while also having fun. It's a game after all, people should enjoy playing it.

Update Frequently

Stagnation is an all too real fate for video games. In order to keep players interested you have to keep the updates coming. Having an app is a full-time job that I hope the Jenner girls are ready for. I'm excited to see how they greet the challenge.

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