Kelly Rowland Shares First Photo Of Baby Son & To Say She's Over The Moon Is An Understatement — PHOTOS

It's time to meet this former member of Destiny's Child's son! Singer Kelly Rowland shared the first photo of her son with the world, and, yes, he's adorable. Rowland, her four-month-old baby boy, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, and her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, share the cover of Essence magazine's April issue. You can tell that both parents are filled with joy at the sight of their son. Actually, to say they're over the moon is an understatement.

In an interview with People, Rowland said, "The most surprising thing for me is how fast he is growing and how much joy he has given me." She said when Titan laughed for the first time she cried, because "it was the most beautiful sound [she'd] ever heard."

Both Rowland and Weatherpsoon share baby duties, but when it comes to bedtime that is all Rowland. Even though the singer says her husband "is just the best dad," she doesn't like missing out on putting Titan to bed. She said, "I've gotten so good at it!"

In November 2014, Rowland and Weatherspoon welcomed Titan and now they seem to be living the dream of being parents and passing with flying colors. Not only are they super in love with their son, but Rowland also said that Titan can't get enough of music, dancing, and singing. Hmm... it sounds like he's going to take after his mom.