The 'Empire' Season 1 Finale Needs To Answer These 7 Questions To End On A High Note

There are some shows out there that are enjoyable, and then there are shows that constantly continue to exceed your expectations. Empire falls directly into that latter category, having captivated its viewers since day one and garnered a stronger following every week since. (Basically, we have a fever and the only prescription is more Cookie.) And even though the Season 1 finale is now sadly darkening our doorstep, there are still a ton of questions that Empire needs to answer throughout its two-hour curtain call. Obviously, there need to be a few cliffhangers here and there as a way to help get us pumped for Season 2 (as if we really need more convincing). But it certainly would be nice to see a few questions reach their ultimate conclusion before we bid adieu to the Lyon family over the next several months.

Of course, in true Empire fashion, I expect that most of these answers will result in even more tantalizing questions, as any good drama should. However, that's not going to stop me from channeling my inner-Cookie and trying to get to the bottom things, which is why I've taken the liberty of listing some of the most important questions that should be on every fan's mind. Empire has some serious explaining to do before season's end and needs to answer the following questions ASAP.

Who Is Actually Lola's Father?

I know that Lucious confessed it was him while at gunpoint last Wednesday, but there's still a slight chance Jamal could be the father, however unlikely it may seem. (It only takes one time, you know!) I, for one, would like to know for sure one way or the other, if only to help bring Jamal some closure on the situation. He deserves that much at least.

Will Cookie Learn Who Really Killed Bunkie?

Is anyone else really surprised that Cookie — who has proven to be a pro at the getting to the bottom of everything — is still completely in the dark about the fact that Lucious killed her cousin? This has to come back into play somehow, right? Not that she really needs another reason to hate him at the moment, but it would certainly add another layer of anger and intrigue. Lucious needs to feel the full effect of Cookie's wrath.

What Is Lucious' Latest Big Secret?

The Season 1 finale episode synopsis says that "Lucious has a secret that's about to change everything." Is this simply referring to the whole Lola ordeal or does Papa Lyon have yet another major skeleton in his closet? First his ALS, then Bunkie's death, then Lola's paternity, and now this new mystery secret. I know every family has secrets, but damn. This is all coming from the same person! We need to get to the bottom of this before the credits roll.

Are Cookie & Malcolm A 'Ship Built To Last?

LOL. This scene will never not be funny. Granted, it's still pretty early in their relationship, but it'd be nice to get a general sense of where this is going by the end of the season. Is this just a fling to Cookie, one that will get back at Lucious for all the hurt he's caused their family? Or does she truly care for Malcolm?

Will Lucious Find Out About Them?

I mean, I doubt this little romance can stay under his radar for long, so it'd be nice to see this all come to a head. I'm sure it'll all go over real smoothly. Nope, no drama from this group. (Gulp.)

Is Cookie Still Working With The Feds?

Someone please fill me in because I'm very unclear with what is or isn't going on with this prior arrangement.

And Most Importantly, When Is Porsha Getting Her Own Spinoff?

Because, seriously, this needs to happen. Like right now.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; dailyempire-gifs (6), devereauxpoi/Tumblr