This 'Game of Thrones' Bad Lip-Reading Parody Is Absolutely Priceless

Every Game of Thrones fan needs a break from the near-constant graphic horror sometimes — what better way than with a farcical re-imagining of the series and its characters? Sometimes, all you need as a relief from your day is Ned Stark talking about how if he doesn't succeed in his goals he's headed right back to the finger-painting colony. So it is with this hilarious Game of Thrones bad lip-reading spoof. It demands to be enjoyed.

The premise? Ned "Eddie" Stark is determined to turn Medieval Land into the best medieval theme park in the world — the only problem is that everyone who works there "works about as hard as a bucket of apples." Cut to a shot of Tyrion, and then Robert Baratheon being... well, not too different than who Robert Baratheon was, really.

The best part, though? Joffrey. Loooolll, Joffrey. Specifically, Joffrey and Sansa's weird raunchy banter. And then Joffrey getting poop thrown in his face and then slapped. Always fun to witness.

This is actually a really creative — and delightfully lowbrow — take on Game of Thrones. We can't imagine how long it took to come up with this script, as it actually makes (ludicrous) sense given the altered genre, and it actually matches up with their lips.

See if you can resist laughing when Viserys and Dany have their interaction. Go on, we'll wait.

Bad Lip Reading on YouTube