What Does 'Spectre's New Poster Tell Us?

by Kenya Foy

More news from the latest James Bond film: a new poster for Spectrefeaturing Daniel Craig hit the Internet on Thursday, and the stark resemblance between Craig's modern portrayal of the spy and Sir Roger Moore's previous portrayal of him in the 1973 Bond film Live and Let Die comprises much of the buzz about the newly released photo. According to Yahoo!, much of the talk has to do with Bond trading in an immaculately tailored tuxedo for the familiar all-black attire and the gun holster associated with the franchise's eighth installment.

So far, we've been treated to some pretty amazing behind-the-scenes Spectre teasers and a little info on the new Bond girls as well (Also, Andrew Scott fans can finally breathe easy knowing that his Bond role won't impact his role on Sherlock). Based off the plot of Live and Let Die, the film included quite a few unique, intriguing aspects — such as an Oscar nomination for the Paul and Linda McCartney-penned title track — so hopefully this Roger Moore nod is a hint of what we can expect from Spectre.

The Bond franchise is already known for its sexy, cooler-than-cool leading man, various global settings and insanely intense bad guy pursuits, but what other standout aspects from Live and Let Die can make Spectre an even cooler film than it already sounds?

Recreate the Shark Tank Escape Scene

Whew, that scene looks rather intense, but in Live and Let Die, Bond narrowly escapes being eaten alive by sharks. A modern retake on this scene would be killer, in more ways than one.

A Dose of Black Magic

When Moore took on the role of Bond, his character's plight was complicated by the dark world of vthe supernatural in New Orleans. Anyone else up for seeing Craig battle it out with some scary paranormal forces?

A Psychic Love Interest

Sure, Bond is the man and all, but I'd love to see how his charm and wit measure up to a psychic girlfriend.

Check out the Spectre teaser poster below:

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