Who Was Ali's Bunkmate On 'Pretty Little Liars?' They Could Be The Key To Everything

We've got one episode left before Pretty Little Liars' Big A Reveal and the series just dropped another huge mystery on us. Unless, of course, A and Ali's latest known acquaintance are the same person? On Tuesday night's episode, "I'm A Good Girl, I Am," Ali was found guilty of Mona's murder and Spencer, Aria, and Emily were all subsequently arrested and carted off to jail. The big question of PLL's penultimate episode wasn't whether or not Ali could appeal the verdict or how long the Liars will sit in jail but rather, who was Ali's bunkmate on PLL ? Because Ali admitted — in typical Ali fashion — to taking all of the glory with that archery award even though she did none of the work.

After demonstrating how breaking her arm as a child had effected Ali's ability to throw a grapefruit and, by extension, Mona into a wall (her lawyer really went out on a limb with that one), the prosecution brought up another one of Ali's feats of athleticism. Remember that summer camp archery award from PLL's holiday episode? Well, it returned on Tuesday night, just in time to introduce another nameless, faceless character from Ali's past onto the scene. According to Ali's moment of truth while the jury deliberated, she never actually shot an arrow to win that award — it was all just a clever ruse, cooked up by a young Alison and her summer camp bunkmate (who, obviously, went unnamed in this story). So, who was this person that was so close with Alison that they conspired together to trick their camp counselors into believing that Ali was Katniss Everdeen before Katniss even existed?

Well, there are a handful of characters we've already met that could've been a part of this duo. First, there's Maya, who's officially an A contender, she fits the age profile and it's entirely possible that, while she didn't go to school with the Liars, she went to camp with Ali. We don't know a lot about Maya's past, so the chance that she and Ali knew each other is not only likely, but would be an interesting twist. There's also Sarah Harvey, who's also been believed to be A — Sara was from nearby and she was also a queen bee like Ali. What if these two bonded over their status and spent their summer conspiring and terrorizing the camp? But Sarah and Maya aren't the only two potential camp BFFs Ali might've had. There's also the extremely unfortunate possibility that Ali's bunkmate is a character we've yet to meet because it'd be so like PLL to introduce the Big A Reveal with yet another question about a character that seems unimportant right now, but could be a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family