A Love Letter To Kyle Wick, 'The 100' Character Who Deserves Endless Appreciation

Dear Wick. You're kind of perfect. Also, I love you. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let me explain. Everything about The 100 is intense, in the best possible way. It's a fantastic story about how all of you law-breaking kids get sent to the Earth to see if it's livable. Despite its classic dystopian formula, it's always giving us viewers shocking plot twists. The writers are not afraid to kill off main characters or throw in a King Kong-like cameo of a jungle monster to terrify us (remember that thing?) and they know how to keep the drama coming in spades. But you, Kyle Wick, are The 100 's breath of lighthearted fresh air in this sea of angsty madness. You are the comic relief we didn't know we needed. You came in with your sarcasm and your impeccable comedic timing and blew us away.

You're a super nerd who is also super beautiful, so that's a plus. You geek out on your engineering terms, different kinds of gases, and equations, and it's just wonderful to watch. You could talk about gases all day long and it would actually be entertaining. How is that possible? How do you do that? Sigh.

Most importantly though, you are such an incredible specimen because of how much you adore Raven. She has been dealt the crappiest hand and you put the light back in her eyes. She risked everything to come to Earth in her little drop ship, only to find her boyfriend Finn already in love with Clarke. And then she slept with Bellamy to get over him, but it didn't work. She was even sadder than before. Then she had to watch Clarke kill Finn right in front of her. Girl has not had much luck on the ground.

But when she lost use of her leg, you built her a brace. You make her laugh whenever she needs it most. When she needed a distraction, you helped her construct a radio tower. You challenge her impressive brain with your equally impressive brain, and together you two are unstoppable geniuses. When she pushed you away, you didn't budge. And when she asked you to stay with her, you did, without even a moment of hesitation. You look at her like she's the source of fresh water in the middle of a desert. She has always deserved more, and YOU are more.

I have no idea what's in store for you next season, but I hope you're here to stay. Raven needs you. The 100 needs you. But most of all, I (we) need you.


Me & All The 100 fans

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; The Killian Jones, RavenReyes/Tumblr; Fanforum