What's It Like To Be On 'The Bachelor'?

Even though The Bachelor has been on the air for 19 seasons, not a lot is known about the behind-the-scenes of what we see on TV. But, every once in a while, former Bachelor contestants speak out about what it's like to be on the show, and it's always pretty eye-opening. Whether you just started watching the show, or you've been on board since Season 1, there are probably some things that you're still curious about.

Like, what do the women do all day when they're not going on dates? Do they get paid anything to be on the season? Several brave former Bachelor contestants have come out of the woodwork over the years to answer all your burning questions so you never have to wonder again whether or not they really do have sex in the Fantasy Suite. (Spoiler alert: they totally do.)

Former winner Jef Holm says breaking his confidentiality contract would have cost him $5 million, but, over time, things have ben leaked or cast members have written books. Sure, like a magician's trick, there's a chance that the magic will be gone if you know exactly how it works, but The Bachelor is so good that we want to know more than what the cameras can tell us. Besides, it's always cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at one of America's longest running reality shows.

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about The Bachelor, as told by former contestants.

What Do Contestants Eat?

Anything they want! Since the women aren't allowed to leave the house, former contestant Courtney Robertson said in her book that contestants can write stuff on a producer shopping list and it will be purchased for them. And Ashley I. from Chris Soules' season told Yahoo! that the women tend to take breaks to eat very often:

We had a couple of huge jars in the kitchen full of junk food, most notably peanut butter M&Ms and Chris Soules’s favorite, Oreos. The couple-pound jar would empty within a few days. When we got to hotels, we ate even more. We had boxes of Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops in the suites and three buffet style meals a day. It’s hard to pick up the salad tongs when you’ve got pulled pork sandwiches and macaroni and cheese sitting right next to it.

Is There Always Alcohol Around?

Yes. Those lucky contestants have constant access to a well-stocked bar. Are you jealous? Because I know I am.

Does the Mansion Come With Maid Service?

Leslie Hughes says that, while the women do stay in a mansion, they tend to do everything for themselves. "We do everything you would do when you’re at home, except be able to go outside of your home,” she told The Daily Beast.

How Often Are the Cameras Around?

Hughes also told The Daily Beast that contestants agree to being filmed 24 hours a day, and their mics go on the moment they wake up and stay on until they go to bed.

Do the Women Have to Provide Their Own Wardrobe?

Yes, those are their actual clothes the women are wearing, as opposed to outfits provided by ABC. Well, in some cases. Yoga instructor Katie from Sean Lowe's season said, "I freaked out pretty heavily about it and then borrowed from my friends, bought some stuff on the cheap (think: Forever 21 and H&M) and was lucky enough to have a few items donated."

Are The Ladies Expected to Stay in Shape?

When casting the women, it seems like they all have one uniform body type. However, they are far from expected to say that way. There's no gym for the women, and they have all that food at their disposal. Ashley I. says it's easy to gain “The Bachelor 10."

Is Everyone There Not to Make Friends?

We've all heard women over the years declare that they're not on the show to make friends. But contestant Ashley I. says that's a terrible attitude to have. "Let me tell you, the ride is much more worthwhile if you do [make friends]," Ashley told Yahoo! "I may not have left with Chris, but I did find unromantic love. I have great friendships from the show. Now not a day goes by without me texting at least one of my 'sister wives,' as Jimmy Kimmel described us."

While contestants are there to capture the Bachelor's heart, the time they spend with him is limited. They're really better off being open to making friends so they have people to talk to during the long days they're not on dates. Besides, most of the friendships end up lasting longer than the winning relationship sometimes. So if you ever find yourself on the show, definitely try to make some friends.

Images: ABC; willyouacceptthisrose (3), ontheredcarpet (5)/Tumblr