Chris Brown Insults Karrueche Tran With Sexist Remarks That Are Infuriatingly Veiled As Advice

Hopefully you're sitting down for this one. Chris Brown apparently thinks now is the perfect time to give his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran unsolicited life advice. Yes, this is the same ex-girlfriend who publicly ended her on-again, off-again four-year relationship with Brown after finding out he might have a secret baby. Since the breakup, Tran has been sharing Instagram photos of a Cancun trip with her good friend Christina Millian. Tran got a lot of attention from her followers for a particularly revealing bikini photo she posted, and it looks like Brown felt it was necessary to chime in with a comment. Chris Brown told Karrueche Tran to "be a lady" in his comment, among other enraging things. Brown's entire comment said, "Thirst trap 101. Continue to be a lady beautiful... U are perfect. Don't let the Thot form from anger."

Wow, I'm not even sure where to start. It should go without saying that it is Tran's right to post whatever photo she wants to her Instagram page, as long as it does not violate the social network's policy. Brown's comment implies that he wants to tell her how he thinks she should present herself to the world and what sort of images she should be sharing on her own account. Considering the recent bombshell news about Brown's secret child, not to mention all the legal drama Tran had to deal with while together with Brown, it's really incredible that the singer wants to give her this sort of social media pep talk. At this point, he has no right to be telling a woman that he is no longer even dating how she should act, especially considering his comment reeks of sexism.

It is completely up to Tran how she should dress and how she should act, both online and off. Anyone who does not like her image does not have to look at her Instagram page. And even if Tran and Brown were still together, this is something that should be discussed in person and in private with a significant other, not through an Instagram comment.

Not only is the comment out of place considering the timing and the online outlet, the language of the comment is also quite patronizing. Using language like "beautiful" and "perfect" implies that Tran cannot think for herself and needs Brown to guide her, as if she is a child or something. And even if she did need some sort of guidance, why would she want it from Brown of all people?

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Also, this trend of men calling women "thots" after a breakup really needs to stop. We've seen it with the whole Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa breakup fiasco, and seeing it now, it is still nothing short of sexist. If a man reduces a woman that he shared an entire relationship with to a disgusting acronym, it implies that she is only allowed to be sexual with him, ever. And that is wrong and demeaning, plain and simple. Just like Khalifa had no place calling his ex-wife with whom he shares a child a "thot," Brown has no place using that kind of language with Tran.

But if Brown insists on telling people to "be a lady," maybe he should start being a gentleman.

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