The 'Pretty Woman' Reunion Was Missing One Star

ICYMI, the Pretty Woman cast just had a reunion on the Today show, getting together for the first time in the 25 years since the movie came out. It was awesome to see, but I do have to say that it made me realize something important. Well, two things. The first thing I realized is that time is slipping away from me like grains of sand through my fingers. But the second thing is — where is Jason Alexander in this Pretty Woman reunion? Because, my dude... you were in this movie, right?

I can very clearly see your face as being on the front of that sleazebag guy who gets punched out by Richard Gere, but I guess it's possible I'm misremembering that, right? (Answer: no, he was definitely in it.) Just so weird that he wouldn't show, especially considering the other people who were there. We had Gere and Julia Roberts, of course, as well as Hector Elizondo, who played the hotel manager, Laura San Giacomo, who played Vivian Ward's friend and roommate, and the film's director, Garry Marshall.

It just makes me wonder if Alexander was asked to participate and then turned down the invitation. As talented and in-demand as Alexander might be, if Julia Roberts can find a couple hours in her schedule to do a morning show with her cast-mates from A QUARTER CENTURY AGO, then so can Jason Alexander. Right?

In reality, it's likely that Alexander was busy elsewhere with a project — for example, he has a documentary called The Gettysburg Address in post-production right now, as well as two more, Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age and Broadway: The Next Generation, which are currently filming and due for release next year. He definitely has a full plate.

However, since no reasons were given for his absence, we definitely have to speculate. BUT WE'RE GONNA. Here are just a few of the possible reasons that Jason Alexander may have for not attending the Pretty Woman reunion.

There Was A Seinfeld Marathon On

I know it's in syndication, so it's on every night, but can you blame the guy for getting sucked in?

He Hasn't Been Able To Show His Face Now That His Isn't The Freshest Live-Action Cinderella In Town

Curse you Lily James!

He Was In The Pool

Pretty self-explanatory.

He Found This GIF And Simply Could Not Stop Watching It

Right there with you, buddy. Right there with you.

Whatever the reason, we hope we see Alexander at the next reunion in 25 years when I'm... 52. Dear god.

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