What Is The 'Glee' Cast Doing After The Series Finale? They're Going In All Kinds Of New Directions

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FOX's musical-comedy sensation may be coming to an end this Friday night, but the Glee series finale (fittingly titled "Dreams Come True") is far from the last chapter in the lives of the show's talent cast members. Whenever a young person reaches such an incredible level of fame so early in their lives — and it may be hard to remember now, but Glee was undeniably a cultural phenomenon for several years — there's always a question as to whether or not they'll be able to translate that insta-success into a lasting career. Thankfully, it seems as though the cast of Glee was far from a flash-in-the-pan. Nearly all of them already begun their first major post-Glee projects, which span from television and film to the Broadway stage and beyond.

Saying goodbye may be the hardest part... but thankfully we won't have to say goodbye to these talented actors and actresses just yet. Here's where the cast of Glee is heading next...

Image: Tommy Garcia/FOX

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