Is Lily Salvatore Stefan's Emotional Trigger On 'The Vampire Diaries'? She Could Be The Key To His Humanity

To say that things have been rather eventual on The Vampire Diaries is putting it mildly. Not only has Caroline forced Stefan to turn off his humanity switch as well, but we, along with Damon, discovered that Lily Salvatore is a ripper vampire, explaining why she's been trapped in a prison world since 1903. (Apparently, the Gemini Coven is all for twins fighting to the death in order to absorb each other's powers, but they draw the line at mass genocide. The more you know!) That leaves our Mystic Falls gang with two very big problems to fix. But perhaps solving one could help solve the other. What if Lily Salvatore is Stefan's emotional trigger that would allow him to summon back his humanity?

Of course, this isn't the first time Stefan has gone emotionally AWOL, but things are a little different since the last time he flipped his off-switch. Elena may have served as a trigger source for him in the past, but now that they've both gone their separate ways — not to mention fallen in love with two different people — she may no longer have the strong influence to bring him back from the edge. And Caroline is certainly in no position to do so, which leaves Mama Salvatore as a very viable option.

Think about it: The Salvatore brothers have been without a maternal figure for a very, very long time. So it makes sense that she could be the only hope of saving one of them in their darkest time of need. I don't care if you're a human or a vampire — everyone possesses the basic instinct of listening to their mother. And poor Stefan had to let her go at such a young age. Just seeing her again could be enough to open up those emotional floodgates. And it seems as though that's precisely Damon's plan.

According to the episode synopsis, Damon still plans on rescuing Lily from the prison world, despite how dangerous he now knows she is. And while that may appear rather selfish on his part, there's more reasoning behind his decision than meets the eye. ET Online unveiled an exclusive clip that shows Damon explain to Bonnie the method behind his madness.

We need Kai to get to 1903, and we need Bennett blood to do the damn spell. Listen, we go in, we grab my mom, she flips Stefan's switch, he triggers Caroline. Emotional dominoes — Yay! Everybody wins.

Granted, I highly doubt things are going to go as smoothly as that, but you can't deny the sound logic within those words of wisdom — described in a very typical Damon-like way. Stefan may think Elena still holds the keys to his heart (which would explain why he asked her specifically to bring him back before he turned it all off), but I'm with Damon in thinking that Mama Salvatore holds the key to all their problems.

Let's just hope she (and Stefan) don't kill any innocents in the process…

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