James Franco Wants an Oscar For 'Spring Breakers,' Doesn't Ask Very Politely

What even is James Franco. Is he an academic? A visual artist? A thespian? A film actor? Just some really weird dude with lots of money? He is probably all of those things, but first and foremost right now he is a dude in search of an Academy Award. Yes, James Franco is campaigning for another Oscar nomination for Spring Brea kers . Of all things.

"Consider This Sh*t,” reads the tagline for the new awards campaign A24 just launched for Franco. This was followed by a "We weren’t joking. Consider this shit very seriously. James Franco for Best Supporting Actor.”

While Franco was nominated for an Oscar previously for his work in 127 Hours, it honestly never even occurred to me that Spring Breakers would try to spring itself into awards contention during a film season as competitive as this one is.

Whether or not this all turns out to be irreverent fun — you never know, this is James Franco, his entire life could very well be an elaborate piece of performance art and it wouldn't surprise us — there is the intriguing fact that Franco's Breakers performance did draw a lot of critical attention.

You never know, dude.