Derek Can't Be Cheating On Meredith, 'Grey's Anatomy' Has Already Put Them Through Enough

Shonda Rhimes must be trying to kill us with these crazy Grey’s Anatomy plot twists. Last week Meredith called Derek and a woman answered the phone, begging the question, is Derek Shepherd cheating on Meredith Grey? There is no possible way that after everything they've already been through, Derek is just going to fly off to D.C. and have an affair. Seriously, most couples would have given up after Addison came back into the picture, but Meredith and Derek belong together and i’ll be damned if I’m seriously supposed to believe that he’s having an affair while she is taking care of their two children.

After realizing she’s been on a hot streak since Derek left town, Meredith decides that she wants to fight for her marriage and stay with Derek, because he’s McDreamy, obviously. After she called him and the woman answered, the episode ended, because Grey's wants to give us a heart attack. If Derek is cheating on Meredith, he will no longer be McDreamy, he will be McCrappy and I will riot. I did not spend 10 years watching a show that may end with Meredith Grey alone with two babies. Nope.

Let’s just remind ourselves of all the horrible things Derek and Meredith have endured over the past 10 years, because it should be proof enough that an affair is not in their future.

The Boss Surprise

First Meredith accidentally sleeps with her boss. Of course, she didn’t know Derek was going to be her boss, but made it got things off to an awkward start. However, neither of them really got in trouble, because this is Grey’s Anatomy and HR really doesn't exist.

The Return of Addison

Then Derek's ex-wife shows up and says, “you’re the woman that’s been sleeping with my husband.” Super awkward. After Derek is a nice guy and tries to make it work with his wife, he realizes that he’s in love with Meredith and wants to be with her.

The Ferry Boat Accident

Remember when Meredith kind of died for a few episodes and was hanging out with Kyle Chandler and Denny? Somehow, she and Derek made it through that after she woke up.

When Derek Was Shot

To this day I will never re-watch that traumatic episode again. I remember every moment of the episode in which Derek Shepherd almost died. So. Many. Emotions.

Meredith's Miscarriage

As Christina is operating on Derek with a gun to her head, Meredith has a miscarriage. It was totally heartbreaking, but the couple made it through.

The Clinical Trial

Derek decides he wants to do a trial for patients with Alzheimer's. Meredith tampers with the trial so that Richard Webber’s wife can get the treatment instead of a placebo. Probably the most pissed Derek has ever been at Meredith, but in the end it was OK.

The Plane Crash

As if they hadn’t already been though enough, the horrible plane accident episode was another one I couldn’t even handle. Derek’s hand is all messed up, everyone is dying (RIP McSteamy), and yet, their relationship is pretty OK considering the circumstances.

The Fight Over D.C.

We don't really know if they made it through this one yet, but I mean, compared to all of the other hurdles they've overcome, this one should be easy, as in, it definitely shouldn't lead to infidelity.

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