So What's The Gucci x Smart Watch About?

Watch out, Apple — literally! The smart watch game has two new players, and the combo is a formidable one. Gucci is entering the smart watch sweepstakes along with of The Black Eyed Peas. The musician has long been interested in the digital world and this collaboration has me excited beyond the fact that it's Gucci and will obviously be gorgeous because of that fact.

Why does the Gucci x timepiece get me all jazzed up? Will, who revealed the news along with Gucci head honcho Marco Bizzarri at the Baselworld fair, said he and Gucci are mixing style with tech and calling it "fashion-ology," according to Vogue. Okay, that's the whole point of the wearable tech craze, which has included a load of cool stuff, like the phone-charging jackets at Opening Ceremony, GPS bags, and jewelry that can alert help when you are in danger.

This particular watch will function much like a phone, as users can take selfies and do video chats with it. Can you imagine the fabulous Fergie, who is will's fellow Black Eyed Pea, holding her wrist high above her head and doing a selfie pose with this watch? Because you know that will, who is crazy creative, is going to enlist his musical partners, like Fergalicious and Britney Spears, to help promote the watch.

It will not be connected to any other devices and will truly stand alone, like a true fashion iconoclast. You can make and receive calls and texts. It will also have a voice command-activated assistant. Cool, right? Totally.

But here are three other music-related things I would love to see the Gucci 'n' will watch do. Maybe it, er, "will."

1. Remix Songs

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

How about letting the wearer get creative with an app with the ability to remix songs? I know, the Gucci customer is likely more about the design than the function of this watch, but wouldn't it be fun to play DJ for a day? I have no idea if this is feasible, but someone out there is probably working on an idea like this.

2. Listening Station Services


Since will is first and foremost an artist, music should be a critical component of this watch. It could serve as a listening station for your favorite songs that you can share with anyone in proximity simply by putting your wrist up to their ear. will could gauge reactions to new Peas' tunes that way!

3. All About The Music


The watch is said to store music, but I'd love to have the option to let you buy a song you hear and like instantly. There should also be a Soundhound-like function so you can find out the name of a song and an artist that you randomly happen upon but don't know.

Again, this is Gucci, so there is no way it can't make you super fashionable. It likely won't be cheap, either, but you'll have to wait to find out just how much damage the watch will do to your wallet. The launch date and price remain TBD.

But I am hoping it really thrills because of what it does and how it functions.

Bring it on, will... and Gucci.

Images: Gucci (1); Getty (3)