What To Wear For Easter This Year

by Hayli Goode

Easter is often the first time you get to break out your Sunday best all spring, but it can be difficult to find a cute Easter outfit that can take you through an entire day of church, family meals, and outdoor activities with your cousins. Difficult, but not impossible!

For Christians, Easter is one of the major holidays, and we tend to gather up everyone we know to celebrate with a big dinner and lawn games outside. It coincides nicely with the beginning of warmer weather, so you can break out all your flowing fabrics and floral prints. Many Easter Sundays begin with church services where dozens of little girls, dressed in their adorable tulle or lace tea-length dresses, show us up in adorableness. Unfortunately for us, we're past the age when those large embroidered ball gown dresses are appropriate.

If your family is anything like mine, the entire day will be spent together dyeing Easter eggs, eating a lot of food, and then slacklining or playing an impromptu game of wiffle ball outside. I always have a difficult time of finding an outfit that can pass for an active game and comfortable enough for me to gorge my face in my sister's amazing cookie dough cupcakes. If you're struggling with a similar set of style dilemmas, check out these four Easter outfit ideas, all for under $110.

1. A Summer Dress

Easter is usually the first time I'll wear a summer dress all year. A dress can be worn for an all-day outing, even if it means some running, especially if it has a flippy skirt. While heels would look great with this dress, flats are just as cute — and way better for outdoor activities. Since the dress is printed, you can keep the jewelry light and simple.

2. A Tulle Skirt

Arguably, the greatest thing to happen this spring are tulle skirts. They're adorable and are perfect for any occasion, easily dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories. For church, make it fancy with a collared shirt and simple black flats. The shoes will be comfortable enough to wear all day and the earrings won't be too heavy to run around.

3. Nice Pants

Despite popular belief, skirts and dresses aren't a must for Easter Sunday. Pants are a totally acceptable choice, too. Skinny jeans would work great, but these wide-legged high-waisted pants evoke the '70s trend we saw during fashion month in a very cool way. The shirt is floral enough for spring and a lace cardigan will keep you warm once the sun goes down.

4. Pleated Shorts

There are a few rules I lay out for myself when wearing shorts on Easter Sunday: #1 is to Abide my the finger tip rule (put your hands down to your side and make sure your shorts are at your finger tip length or longer), and #2 is to pick shorts made out of anything but denim. Shorts are like a better version of skirts — they can be dressy, but allow you to do cartwheels across the lawn without flashing the fam.

Image: PencilPillow/Flickr