What Are The Songs In The 'Paper Towns' Trailer?

by Alyse Whitney

There are a few things you can count on in a John Green film adaptation: complex characters, heartstring-tugging relationships, and incredible music. Well, at least that's what we had in The Fault in Our Stars, a beautiful and heartbreaking story that had a wonderful soundtrack featuring Ed Sheeran, Byrdie, and Charli XCX to match. Based on the trailer for Paper Towns , the same can be said for his latest novel-to-movie, although we'll probably be crying less during Quentin (Nat Wolff) and Margo's (Cara Delevingne) story than Gus and Hazel's.

In the film's first trailer, there are two songs that split up the distinct parts of the story: Twin Shadow's "To the Top" as Quentin and Margo go on their late-night adventure, plastic-wrapping her ex's car for revenge, dancing, and looking out at the "paper town" skyline after their work is done. The morning after when Margo disappears, Mikky Ekko's "Smile" plays as Quentin starts following Margo's clues and embarks on an epic road trip with his friends to find her. Both songs are the perfect fit for the movie, and "Smile" even seems to sync up as Quentin & Co. sing and dance along in the mini van toward the end of the trailer. Check out both of the songs below, as well as a standout lyric that makes it the perfect fit for Paper Towns.

Twin Shadow — "To the Top"

"Oh, I know it's not the right time tonight/But I won't move until this stops/We go back to the top."

Mikky Ekko — "Smile"

"Got nowhere to turn/And we've got nothing but time/But the future is forever/The future is forever/So smile."

Image: 20th Century Fox/YouTube