ISIS Says The Tunisia Bardo Attack Was Its Doing

In an audio statement released on Thursday, ISIS claimed responsibility for Tunisia's Bardo museum attack that killed 23 and injured at least 40, most of whom were tourists visiting the country's national museum. The statement, appearing on a forum that carries messages form ISIS, called the attack:

[A] blessed invasion of one of the dens of infidels and vice in Muslim Tunisia. Wait for the glad tidings of what will harm you, impure ones, for what you have seen today is the first drop of the rain.

Promising further attacks, the message also said that there were two gunmen and that they weren't killed until they ran out of ammunition. SITE Intelligence Group, a U.S.-based organization that tracks the online activity of jihadi and white supremacist groups, also announced that ISIS had claimed responsibility for Wednesday's brutal museum attack, Associated Press reported.

The attack came days after a prominent ISIS field commander, Tunisian Ahmed al-Rouissi, was killed in a clash in Libya, prompting many to point to ISIS for Wednesday's attack as an act of revenge. An estimated 3,000 citizens have fled to Libya to fight and train alongside extremist groups, and about 60 have been killed in Syria.