Sofia Coppola's X-Mas Special Needs These 6 Things

The winter is a brutal time of year, but Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray's Christmas special will make you wish it was already December 2015. The Lost in Translation team is coming together for the project she's directing next holiday season, and some big names have already signed on. George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Miley Cyrus, and Maya Rudolph will join Murray onscreen, and better yet, they're playing themselves. It may be a caricature of themselves, but nevertheless, these aren't just characters like the Saturday Night Live sketches that Poehler and Rudolph did together for so many years — this is a twisted version of real life that will be even more epic.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the plot follows "[Murray], the notoriously agent- and manager-less actor as he evades the advances of a shark dying to sign him." Further details have yet to be released about the special, but there will be some Christmas carols involved. As we wait to find out more, I have some big ideas for what should happen with the five people involved so far, including more than just Cyrus singing and sparks flying with Poehler and Clooney. Sorry, Amal and Nick Kroll, but their short-lived Golden Globes "relationship" is everything the world needs.

Singing Loud For All To Hear

Just because Cyrus is the singer doesn't mean that everyone shouldn't be caroling. Poehler has done a jingle of her own on Parks and Recreation, Rudolph had her own variety show, and Clooney and Murray can have some fun, too.

George & Amy Forever

Just let them be together for one more night.

A Tamer Miley

Although it doesn't have to be about puppies (but it definitely could be), seeing Cyrus without her wrecking ball and her twerking and her tongue out would be a nice change of pace. She's been showing a classier, more mature side at award shows lately, and this would be the perfect professional move for her.

Maya & Amy's Shenanigans

They can do anything they want, as long as it's together.

Bill Murray Being Bill Murray

Drinks are a bonus.

More SNL Favorites Joining The Fun

Actually, a Bridesmaids reunion would be great, too. But basically we need Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey for sure.

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