Why Paul Wesley Is One Of The Best Parts of 'TVD'

On the long-running CW series The Vampire Diaries , Paul Wesley plays Stefan Salvatore, a vampire who flips his humanity switch to the OFF position at least once a century. In real life, though, the similarities between Wesley and the supernatural being he plays on TV pretty much start and stop at "is ridiculously good looking;" for one thing, Wesley is a human, not a vampire, duh. Additionally, his humanity is always on — zero Ripper potential. The actor/director loves animals, supports a number of charities, and is a wickedly charming goofball. ...And yes, he also happens to be a handsome dreamboat with crazy-amazing hair. Like costar Ian Somerhalder, Wesley seems too good to be true.

(You know who else seems too good to be true? Wesley's girlfriend, The Originals star Phoebe Tonkin. Those two are two perfect peas in a perfect pod. Impossible to say who is the luckier one.)

Before you continue reading, a quick piece of advice: I strongly recommend you take breaks throughout this list. Otherwise, your heart may dissolve into a puddle, like an ice cube in a microwave. I'm speaking from personal experience. Here are 9 times Paul Wesley has melted hearts:

When he made a t-shirt to raise money for The Humane Society

I need that shirt. We all need that shirt.

Any time he speaks out against the inhumane treatment of farm animals:


When he flashed his pearly whites while snapping a pic of Ian Somerhalder:

That smile goes on for miles.

When he sang "Happy Birthday" to Ian Somerhalder:

Happy birthday to all of us.

When he directed a PSA for Immigration Heritage Month:

Wesley arranged for his nephew to meet his great-grandparents for the first time. Your heart will be warmed, no question.

When he did this terrific impression of a bird:

So excellent.

Any time he hangs out with BFF Ben McKenzie:

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wesley and McKenzie have remained close buddies ever since their days of bussing tables together at The Crab Shack.

When he posted this adorable picture:

Hnnnnghhhhhh cuteness overload.

All of this:

Paul could teach Stefan a thing or two about having fun.

Images: banegasabigail, mary-iwsmle/tumblr; Getty Images