What To Do With Your Tax Refund, Because You Deserve To Treat Yourself To Something Amazing

Sometimes, you look forward to a glorious event for months — even years — in advance, and sometimes it sneaks up on you. Tax season tends to land in the latter category. It's not a time you particularly anticipate with unadulterated glee, but all of a sudden it's here, and you're just a little bit better off for it. Because even though filing your taxes may feel like an enormous pain, figuring out what to do with your tax refund waiting for you at the finish line makes everything totally worth it.

For many, this chunk of cash will mean finally making those car reparations that they've been putting off. For others, it means a time to spend some cold, hard cash with wonton abandon, investing in the most ridiculous antics and ventures known to man. (I'll give you one guess as to whose needs this article will fulfill.) Now I'm not preaching or encouraging financial irresponsibility, but I do understand what it's like to work your little booty off so that you still have something leftover to play with after the bills come through. That being said, it's one of life's greatest pleasures to experience the fruits of your labor, which is, quite literally, what a tax refund is. So let's talk about our options (both of a serious nature, and one more along the lines of, "If you actually happen to do this please let me know, because 'twas written in the stars that we would eventually become the best of friends...") and enjoy the possibilities, yeah?

1. A cheap plane ticket somewhere it has never even crossed your mind to visit

Which means avoiding metropolitan areas in favor of the type of place that notices when a stranger is in town, and you end up meeting/falling in love with some redneck and getting pregnant with his love child, and... oh wait, Hart of Dixie. Go live out Hart of Dixie.


A shelter puppy, that is. Which probably means a chihuahua, but even hideous creatures need homes, OK?

3. An awesome, refreshing paint job on your not-so-awesome car

Everyone needs a daily pick-me-up.

4. Bamboo sheets

Just trust me on this one — best purchase of the year. They feel a little something like this:


5. Care packages for your best friends

Because they put up with you during your wild days, and they deserve maybe, like, a Porsche for that, but for now Birthday Cake Oreos will have to do.

6. A really luxurious towel set, because your skin deserves all the love in the world

Warning: you'll never want to wear real clothing.

7. A road trip to some cute B&B in the country

Spend the weekend picking wildflowers, and ruminating on the thoughts that your normal life doesn't allow time for. Sometimes a little break from people is exactly what people need most.

8. Enough supplies for six months' worth of creme brûlée lattes

Thank me later, lovely.

9. A week's worth of the caliber of lingerie that will turn your significant other into a sweet little puppy

Not chihuahuas though. Like, spaniels, or something less terrifying. More Chewbacca, less Gollum, if you know what I mean.

10. And perhaps the most ridiculous option of all: save your tax refund for emergencies

*Cringingly observes room empty with painful acceleration, drops mic*

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